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March 29, 2012


Is there anything prettier than chartreuse grass after some rain?

  … peacefulness literally falls off the photo.

Peace & Blessings,

March 28, 2012

Uninvited Guest

 Spotted this fellow at my dad’s BBQ this weekend … yikes!

photo credit –> my brave dad!

Keep smiling,

March 27, 2012

Sunset Obession.

Happy Tuesday! Hope you’re reading this with a smile on your face.

Little fact about me – I’m in love with sunsets. Something about a beautiful sunset makes me feel the need to slow down, and take time to enjoy God’s daily painting in the sky.

I shot these while visiting our good friends in Texas. They live in the country, the air was so crisp & refreshing.

With warmth,

March 22, 2012

Something New.

I’ve decided to start a blog to keep the Shepherds treasured memories nicely organized. Secondly, I’m hoping it fills the gaps between visits with our family & friends. My writing/photography is mediocre at best, so I suggest all English majors and critics to move on … this simple blog is just for fun and to help pass the time until the weekend <3.

 Hello, I’m Angela
… and this blog is me trying something new.
 I’m married to my college sweetheart – Brett
 … I’m completely smitten with this boy!
Meet Gimli our sweet doggie baby
… his favorite pastimes are sleeping, singing and cuddling
Meet Winston our other doggie baby
… Winston enjoy’s stealing Gimli’s toys, barking and eating everything!
My current goals are finding happiness in simplicity and investing in memories, not stuff. I gain energy by “Capturing Simplicity” in a photo. I look forward to sharing our life’s adventures with you <3.
Keep smiling,