Weekend(s) in the Woods.

Brett and I are enjoying our little camper immensely! I literally feel my anxiety/worries lift off my shoulders while nestled in the great outdoors. There isn’t a reason to check the time or make a schedule … I just feel free <3.

 I enjoyed an outdoor DIY pedi, several nature walks with my boys and taking a journey back to my youth by completing a puzzle … with hubby’s help.

..an old abandoned gathering area

…treecluster (;


…nature walk treasure
{photo credit: Brett, my hubby!}

…boat sunset


After returning home, it was back to trying magically to invite more time. Glancing back through my simple portraits from the weekend helps me find tranquility again.

I need to focus more on what I have accomplished instead of how far I have to go … I’m so blessed <3.

Keep smiling,

PS. Please click the picture(s) for a more clear view, on all posts (;


Have a fun & safe Cinco de Mayo this weekend!!!


8 Comments to “Weekend(s) in the Woods.”

  1. I loooove the pink flowers! Send me one? ..and was that a giant size puzzle?? Your pictures are awesome Angela!

  2. Thank you Cassi! You’re the sweetest friend ever (: I just adore you!

    It was a pretty good size puzzle …

  3. the sunset looks beautiful!

  4. I especially liked you newest post, but not possible to comment there.. 😉 And I love this pink flower. Nice blog.

    • Thank you Bente! I have no idea what I did to turn off comments on that post? I’m at a loss ): Thank you for still leaving a comment – made my day!

  5. delightful post, great to hear you guys are enjoying your camper.. : )

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