Bittersweet Moment.

… Dad, Brett and I’s hand prints from the day we helped dad with his shed’s concrete slab …

I’m stunned that my emotions didn’t overcome me, while visiting my childhood home for the last time. I’m normally very emotional over anything sentimental, but as the day unfolded, the more at peace I felt. I thought about the new family who will live there, and how the house will home a family again. I sound silly saying a house has emotions, but since no one has lived there for awhile, it almost felt like the house was lonely … When I walked in the front door, I experienced that slight guilt you feel when you have to leave your dogs all day.

I took some pictures of the backyard – where I spent many hours as a kid. I remember the far left corner was the neighbor girl and I’s secret (imaginary) club house. We’d carry all our snacks out there and talk for hours. Bonfires were always an adventure; we’d check them in the morning to see they were still hot! Catching lighting bugs, 4th of July block parties, and picking wild flowers are just a few of my childhood moments. Trampoline slumber parties were always a must – snuggled in all our blankets while taking in the most amazing view of the stars (no street lights!).

I had such a blessed childhood, and feel so grateful to have lived in such a lovely home for 15 years <3. I hope all future dwellers gained many priceless memories … I know I cherish each of mine!

… I remember the day my dad planted this apple tree …

… I’m going to miss it …


… dad’s firewood pile …

… fence decor …

…. these trees were like sticks when my dad planted them! …

… shed lock …

… my bedroom window <3.

… close up of the beautiful hydrangea’s under my bedroom window …

Keep smiling,

… bittersweet moment …
(more sweet than bitter … CHEERS to new beginnings!)

Enjoy your weekend <3. 


6 Comments to “Bittersweet Moment.”

  1. Loved these pics, Angie, and your sweet remembrances. : )

  2. I know how you feel. When we left our house of 18 yrs it was so sad in many ways. However, we sold the house to a single mother with two little girls and I knew the house would be happy to have children running in the hallways again. I drive by there sometimes and there have been many changes to the house but I will always have wonderful memories that did not go with the sale of our home.

    • Aww Debbie I love how you wrote about the memeories that will never go with the sale – very nicely put, and I feel the same way! It’s crazy the things we form attachments too (:

  3. Reminded me of the summer house i spent my childhood at. It truly is bittersweet to remember that…Such beautiful memories…

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