“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon;
to me those have always been the two most beautiful words,
in the English language.”
 – Henry James

… cotton candy sky …

… Bambi …

Isn’t summertime the best <3. Sun-kissed skin, camping, lake trips and fresh pedi’s with girlfriends are just a few of my favorite things (; I’m just completely smitten with this season.

I’m so happy with our little camper, and the neat adventures we’ve been experiencing.

I’m discovering more fulfillment when my energy and purchases go towards things that gift me with memories. You feel an entirely different level of happiness reminiscing past moments, and trust me adventures are more warming than a name-brand handbag. I have so much respect for people who live simple, they are truly rich <3.

… lake days …

Have a lovely weekend <3.



5 Comments to “Summer.”

  1. Angie, just love your pics and writings!!! BEAUTIFUL as usual! Look forward always to your posts. Pam-la

  2. Just beautiful! Keep them coming, they brighten my day!

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