Meet Shady

We named our little camper Shady (short for Shadow)

… lovely campsite on a humid morning …

… I may have slept in, and missed the good light, but this still made me smile …

… sunshine …

… sun sparkles …

… evening walks …

It was an eventful weekend of breaking in Dad & Pam-la’s new 5th wheel, a laundry list of random hiccups occurred … but at the end of the day we enjoyed yummy snacks and great company <3. I’m thankful for A/C, great movies, card games & my dad’s guardian angel!

We’re already planning our next adventure, and cant wait to put some fresh miles on our campers (:

Keep smiling,

Hope everyone took some extra days off to enjoy a long & lovely weekend <3.


4 Comments to “Meet Shady”

  1. Thankful for you too! : ). it was a fun weekend…even with a few hiccups!

  2. Looks like a beautiful place. And it is great to finally see a picture of the trailer 🙂

  3. Gorgeous pictures. And this post just totally made me want a camper, even though I’ll probably never use it. lol.

  4. A very lovely campsite. Loved the morning views.

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