Documenting the Adventure!

… My blog posts will be slightly different this week …

I want to recollect & document some enjoyable past moments

… 4th of July fireworks & a beautiful full moon …
(this was taken at Tara & John’s by my husband – I love it!)

… the guys “relaxing” while camping …
(this was taken on dad & Pam’s first camping trip with their new 5th wheel – looking forward to many more trips!)

Little A’s first time water tubing with her mom & dad – precious! …

adorable little water bug <3. …

… the best shaved ice treats ever! …

… these rocks looked to be out of this world! …
(really wish I could remember where I spotted these )

… waiting patiently for a humming bird …
(feeder in our back yard)

… I have an obsession with trees & my favorite color is green … so this picture really makes me happy! …
(took this on our little canoe trip in Broken Bow)

… fun date night when visiting lovely Broken Bow

… heavenly skies …
(I took this out the car window, when driving home from work – peaceful way to wrap up the day)

… such a true quote – lets change it you & me (: …
(Image via)

Be well,


2 Comments to “Documenting the Adventure!”

  1. LOVE all these pics!!

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