Facts & Pictures of Pennsylvania <3.

Motto:  “Virtue, Liberty, and Independence”
Flower: Mountain Laurel
Tree: Eastern Hemlock
Song: “Pennsylvania”
Fossil: Phacops rana
Bird: Ruffed Grouse
Fish: Brook Trout
Dog: Great Dane
Beverage: Milk
Animal: White-tailed deer … we saw several!

Below are a few more pictures from our visit …

… gossip …

… <3. …

… the log keeper …

… I’m a duck lover (;

… truck retirement …

… I love my camera’s zoom! …

… see the birds? …

… state flag …

Keep smiling,


3 Comments to “Facts & Pictures of Pennsylvania <3.”

  1. Love your pics….but your captions are awesome….loved particularly “Gossip” and “truck retirement”….so creative….you’ve got talent! Love you, Pam-la

  2. You did a wonderful job of showing the beauty PA has to offer.

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