“Houston, We Have A Problem”

I’ve spent countless layover hours at the Houston airport, but have never gotten to explore the 4th largest city in the US, until this past weekend. We walked along the Kemah Pier, did a little shopping, and ate the most amazingly delicious king crab legs!

My husband is a space junkie, so NASA was on our agenda. Truthfully, I think I enjoyed it more then Brett. I learned so much from the documentaries, and can’t wait to watch the first astronauts walk on Mars in 2017.

Of course, a viewing of the Dark Knight Rises was a must! We only thought we were smart arriving 30 minutes before the movie – we ended up on the front row … it was still an awesome show.

I’m looking forward to August – hoping to catch up with some family & friends <3.

A few of my Houston, TX captures:

… spaceman ❤ …

… sailboat tops, under God’s thumbnail <3.

… yummy food! …

… beautiful evening (:

… blue-tiful delight <3.

… vintage reflection ❤ …


… ❤ …



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