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August 31, 2012

This & That – NYC

I took way too many pictures of New York <3.

NYC’s staple bird (;

… the people’s faces behind us, make this photo (;

China Town.

Grand Central Station

Fun Fact: I have the little dipper constellation on my face (chin & cheek)

building stairway <3.

… graceful <3.

… a detailed corner building <3.


Have a fun & SAFE Labor Day weekend <3.

RIP: Mike, Bobby & Adam – thinking about you guys,  miss you …


August 30, 2012

“They say life happens when you’re busy making other plans, but in New York, life is what happens when you´re waiting for a table” – SJP

… a few more captures from our visit <3.

Rockefeller Center


Central Park was my favorite part of NYC … once you walked inside, people slow down and you could walk at a much slower pace. The park was huge, and full of fun activities for everyone. We did a little row boatin’ around one of the lakes, sat on park benches to people watch and completely agreed an apartment overlooking Central Park is the only way we could live there <3.


… we spotted a rat under this bridge ):


I loved this tree going out of a rock!


August 29, 2012

New York, New York – Empire State Building

… graffiti New York flip flops …

…… Empire State Building’s City View …

… Helicopter View …

… my love – the tourist <3.

… Straight Down View …

… Looking Up View …

… Panoramic View <3. …


August 28, 2012


*** *** *** *** ***

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*** *** *** *** ***

*** *** *** *** ***

*** *** *** *** ***

New York City has been on my bucket list of places to visit for a very long time.

Being a lover of landscape, flower & sunset captures – I was pleasantly surprised with city beauty. Tiny doorways disguising angelic churches, scrunched stores with 4 levels of squeezed shopping, and the hustle and bustle moving in the most fast pace environment … I’ve ever experienced!

Above are just a few sign captures from our visit to … “the city that never sleeps”.



August 27, 2012

MODEL Citizen!

In honor of “New York Fashion Week” being right around the corner … I found it fitting to share our New York City holiday <3.

Instead of saving the best for last – I thought I’d kick off the week with one of the most exciting moments of our trip!

… she is just as beautiful in person (… if you’re wondering) <3.

… just another flawless supermodel shopping at Barnes & Noble <3.

Keep smiling,

August 22, 2012

Sunshine Peace.

I’ve posted about cemetery’s peacefulness before, and keep finding myself soothed by their harmonious atmosphere. This was passed down to me through my grandma who always had a deep respect for memorial parks. My dear grandma is no longer with us on earth, but I know I’ll see her again in heaven <3.

… beautiful lives, never forgotten …

Discover Him,

August 16, 2012

Lovely Imperfections.

I really admire people who can find loveliness in everything.

Taking a moment to see imperfections, in a different light, can really open up a whole new world of possibilities.


Some people see these as complete failures, but I see photo paintings <3.

Stay positive this weekend!

August 15, 2012

Zoo Day

… she loves popcorn <3.

… Little A & Uncle Ubb’s favorite animal – the elephant (;

… also lovers of popcorn …

… the princess & the frito chili pie lover …


… sunshine <3.


… big boy!

1/2 through the week! keep smiling (;


August 14, 2012

“Our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this planet. We all breathe the same air.” – John F. Kennedy

exquisite sunset hovering downtown <3.

The weekend zoomed by too quickly ):

Unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling 100%, but Brett made sure I got the best medicine available … fresh air. We took a late evening walk to rent some movies & pick up snacks. I figured the good light was asleep for the night, but luckily – I brought my camera (just maybe our doggie babies would do something cute), and spotted the tail end of a beautiful sunset floating over downtown <3.

I need fresh air when I’m not feeling well … sometimes Brett will take me for drives with the windows down so I can really breath. What makes you feel better when you’re in a funk?


August 9, 2012

Evening Stroll …

… track & field …

Brett and I went for a walk last night and the weather was PERFECT <3. We both kept commenting on how its been staying in the 100’s through 9:30 p.m. most nights! Winston and Gimli were ecstatic, we need to be better parents and take them more often.

The plan is to take full advantage of the cooler weather, we’re expected to get this weekend (;

Keep smiling,