Yes, I’m alive.

I was going to give a February update, but March is almost over … WHAT! I haven’t even posted my New Year’s Resolutions?

Where is 2013 going?! Panic.

I have the most exciting news – I won a photography e-course, thanks to Tammy of RowdyKittens! This came at the PERFECT time, since hubby gifted me a new camera for Valentines day. I’m so excited and thankful to Tammy for this awesome opportunity!

I remember the first time I read RowdyKittens. I was sitting in my cubicle at work, reading Yahoo articles (like every morning before 9 a.m.) and this article was featured. I sent that link to everyone I knew & that evening went home and did my first declutter spree. Brett & I have been working hard to achieve the minimalist lifestyle ever since. We strive to not impulse purchase & invest our money/energy into experiences & memories … not clutter.

We aren’t perfect, and sometimes consumerism sucks us in & we’ll make a purchase we regret. But we learn and grow everyday! Not all of our family & friends are on board & think we’re crazy for saving for a Earthship. However, we do have some encouragers like Brett’s sister and brother-in-law who are living simple. In addition, to encouragement, Tara (my sister-in-law) has opened my eyes to the world of making my own natural (chemical-free) cleaners, laundry soap & personal products. They are even helping us grow a garden this year – so thankful for you two <3.

I hope everyone reading this post, will go visit RowdyKittens, with an open mind. Finding happiness in simplicity is so freeing and has even become a hobby for Brett and I. It’s been almost 2 years since I read her article, and we’re still working to achieve our minimalism goals. It doesn’t happen over night, but it’s a fun journey <3.

Also, take Tammy’s photography e-course with me – registration is open! Tammy takes beautiful photos, I’m so excited to learn her photography secrets <3.


Very quick update:

Picture 016


Picture 021


Picture 037… still a big lover of sunsets & instagram <3.


office.jpg… work is insane – like really insane. A co-worker put in his two weeks, and I’m learning his job. Panic.


Picture 022… there might be a little stress eating!


Picture 017… then walks, to help with the stress eating! I love my boys <3.


Picture 036… is there a laundry fairy? Panic.


Picture 038… more stress eating (:


Picture 035Charlotte <3.

Picture 039Grayson <3.

… my friends are having adorable babies!!!


 Picture 028… always have time to cheer on the Cowboys! GO POKES!


Picture 032… love my daddy-o!


 Picture 025… Brett passed his qualify exam at work! Super proud of him – celebration was in order (:


… if you still read my never updated blog (sorry!) I’ve been venturing out a little and doing some photo shoots. I still need wayyy more practice, but it’s been the best hobby ever (for me!).

Picture 008 … my payment for photo taking (:


Picture 030


Picture 029… my sister-in-law & brother-in-law are selling their house, and I got to take some pictures for Zillow. Can I make a career out of that? I really enjoyed staging the rooms (:


Picture 031… of course, I had the best little helper! SHE IS 4! Like one year from kindergarten? Panic.


Picture 033… vacation on the brain!


I’m so ready to go CAMPING!

Miss you,


4 Comments to “Hello.”

  1. Great pics, great content, & great attitude on life!

  2. You are too kind sister! I am so very proud of all that you are accomplishing and doing it “YOUR” way 🙂

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