Front Yard.

Just a few front yard treasures …


… looks like Mother Nature had a spring wedding <3.


*** *** ***


*** *** ***


*** *** ***


When I’m feeling a little overwhelmed, sometimes I just need a little outdoor therapy. I’m the type of person who has to work hard to not let my worries consume me. Photography has helped me focus on all the lovely details surrounding me. Memories take my mind off the things I can’t control. Even when it feels like the world is on my shoulders, I need to remember what a special occasion living in God’s beautiful creation is everyday. I have many senses for experiencing life, and I never want to take those gifts for granted.

I realize I’m still young, but I can’t express how grateful I am for my blessings. I have my battle wounds & personal struggles, but I also have strength from enduring them. God has always inserted the perfect form of support I needed to take on my valleys.

I’m discovering, sometimes, just coming to peace with your conflict is a victory <3.

Shine bright,

2 Comments to “Front Yard.”

  1. I LOVE your pictures and words! 🙂

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