Living small, but BIG.


I’ve been fascinated with tiny houses for several years, and even had the goal to live in one someday. However, my husband wasn’t 100% on board with the idea, so a small energy-efficient home is us meeting in the middle.

Shady (our camper) is little, but I love its cozy feeling. I kept thinking about the advantages to staying/living in a small dwelling.

Less Cleaning. I’m never overwhelmed by a mess when camping. I know it will take a max of 15 minutes to make the camper spotless.

Detailed Camper Cleaning  Includes:
washing dishes; putting dishes & clothes away; tidying/cleaning the countertops & eating area; organizing cabinets; cleaning the floors; making the bed; wiping down the bathroom; dusting everything – including the blinds/baseboards; neaten outside the camper; picking up trash & taking it out to the large trash bin.

Imagine never wasting a Saturday cleaning your home again. Our regular house is pretty small, but it still takes several hours to get spotless!


The Great Outdoors. You can’t help but get outside in nature when you’re staying/living in a small space. Even when camping in 100 degree weather, we’re still outside. It’s crazy how your body adapts to its surroundings when you allow it to experience them.

… and yes, it is a great movie (;


Healthy Choices. If you stock your small camper fridge & ice chest with healthy food choices, that’s what you’re going to eat! Not to mention, we do so much more walking – exercise!

I honestly believe when we’re home, we use going out to eat as an excuse to get out of the house. The house we just spent the day cleaning, organizing, etc. When camping we don’t spend our day doing chores, but doing things we enjoy – so we don’t have a reason to “escape” to fast food.


Saving $. When you don’t have a lot of space, you don’t feel the pressure to fill it with stuff. We made 2 trips to purchase ice & didn’t buy any extra items. Honestly, we don’t have room to store junk in the camper – so we don’t buy it (:

I’ve been de-cluttering our regular house for 2 years. The money, time & stress I wasted purchasing, organizing & cleaning stuff is depressing! Everyone wants a nice house, but make purchases that mean something to you – not just to fill an empty space.


Prayer/Meditation. Time always seems to slow down when I’m camping. I don’t have a schedule to keep, and having that moment to catch my breath is priceless. I can go on nature photography walks, have deep conversations with Brett, not feel rushed during my time with God & truly focus on what matters.




3 Comments to “Living small, but BIG.”

  1. Love your pictures & writing as always.

  2. I love this post!!

  3. Great post! I have done the same with our trailer, but have yet to experience it. Reducing time needed for chores and creating more time for the family, fun and outdoors is a huge win.

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