Pure Joy.


Niece & Nephew moments I don’t want to forget:

Throwing rocks in the lake is Marley’s most favorite thing. He could do it for hours!


Amelia saying, “I can do it Auntie A” – she is growing up so fast! Every time I see her, she is more and more independent.


Marley’s obsession with trains & him freezing to listen and make choo-choo noises every time he hears one.


Amelia wanting to stay the night with Auntie A & Uncle Ubbs! Watching her drag her suitcase over to our camper and coming up to me and whispering in my ear “don’t forget I’m staying with you tonight in your camper” – melted my heart <3.


Marley asking me to help him put on his shoes.

Watching both their faces light up when we mentioned going on a walk, going to the playground & when Uncle Ubbs says they can have a sip of his Mt. Dew (;


I adore them <3.

xo/auntie a


6 Comments to “Pure Joy.”

  1. These are great Angela. I’m glad they got to spend quality time with you guys.

  2. Angela, these are fabulous! All of them … and I need to copy down your chili recipe too!

  3. Adorable pictures, Ang-la…such precious subjects to photograph. Fun times! : )

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