The Market.

One of my favorite Saturday morning *summertime* activities is strolling through the Farmers Market <3.
The fresh produce, colorful picked flowers, organic honey & friendly faces always starts my day off perfectly.
Also, supporting our local farmers & community feels rewarding & cherished.


Looking forward to many more trips to my favorite marketplace – loving summer <3.


We purchased veggie plants for our little garden … wish us luck!




*** *** ***


We chatted with this sweet farmer for 20 minutes & enjoyed all his gardening tips.
(no, we didn’t purchase any)


Farewell April,


4 Comments to “The Market.”

  1. Laughed out loud at your sheep doo capture & comment!

  2. We may just have to make another trip to the farmers market if this random cold spell kids all of or new plants. I might actually eat radishes if they tasted as good add they look in you’re pic. You are getting beret and better with your photography and your eye for shots. I am so proud of you love! Brett

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