Backyard Bliss.

Dad & Pam-la have the best backyard. It’s private, woodsy but still has that neighborly vibe <3. We always squeeze in a little backyard adventure when visiting.

I’m really looking forward to building our deck. It will be nice to have a sitting area for enjoying our little territory (:


 Pam-la’s flowers <3.
Let’s hope these don’t become a deer snack …


the creek <3.


my new favorite angle – thanks to Tammy (:


… found this alien growing out of a pine tree!


… right before they got a stick and dissected it – ha ha!


a thorn tree – yikes!


Do you have a favorite backyard for exploring? Past or Present?



5 Comments to “Backyard Bliss.”

  1. I loved all the pics but my favorite is of Brett and John examining the alien. We did find out that delightful little orangy yuk is a fungus called Apple rust. it doesn’t hurt the cedar tree but destroys apple trees. In one state, if you have cedar trees infested with it and you live within one mile of an apple orchard, state law requires that you cut your cedars down. Interesting! Aren’t you observant?? We’d never noticed! love you, Pam-la

  2. By the way, the pic of the creek bed is beautiful!

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