Dad, Happy Birthday!!!

Capturing moments has always been a part of my life. My dad is an amazing photographer who taught me to see beauty in the small details of life. Seeing his face light up when he freezes that perfect moment in time, brings a smile to my heart. Photography has brought my dad so much joy, he loves reminiscing past trips, special occasions & little treasures that made him happy.

 I haven’t always appreciated his photography taste. When I was young, I didn’t understand why he took pictures of flowers, bugs or a bottle of hot sauce at a hole in the wall diner. I was in the mindset; it was a waste of film to not take pictures of people? Fast forward 10 years and I see the brilliance of capturing simplicity. I’m thankful to my dad for instilling in me to slow down, and value the splendors of the world <3.

I truly believe photography has been like therapy for my dad … he’s always been able to escape in God’s creation. I admire him so much for always finding joy in his “Tender Mercies.”

Happy Birthday to my best bud – you’re my hero dad & the foundation of Capturing Simplicity <3.


*** *** ***


2011 Thanksgiving <3.


2008 trip to the city – fun day!




2010 Lake Camping Trip


my wedding day (:


Dad with his grand puppies (:


2010 State Fair <3.


2012 dirty santa xmas party!


2011 steak dinner (:


He’s awesome!


Dad & his sweetheart <3.


adore them <3.


Hope you have a fabulous birthday dad!!! You’re so loved <3.




2 Comments to “Dad, Happy Birthday!!!”

  1. What a wonderful tribute for John to wake up. to this morning. Such a birthday blessing! Thank you, Ang-la! We love you so much. He had trouble reading it through the tears. Count us blessed!

    • I’m happy he liked it (: He’s a pretty awesome dad!

      I can’t wait to hear all about your guys Grand Canyon adventure and see pictures!

      … and thank you for emailing me the last photo Pam-la, it’s one of my favs of dad & I (:

      Love you both bunches ❤

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