Live Your Moments

My heart feels heavy <3.

I’m still processing the tornado tragedy that hit Moore, OK.
It’s unimaginable to see images of a town in my state turned completely upside down in a day.
This tragic catastrophe makes my troubles look soooo small and opens my eyes to the things I take for granted hourly.

Live your moments, even the little ones.
Smile at yourself in the mirror after brushing your teeth … yes, we brush our teeth every day,
but those children woke up and got ready for the day & never get to do it again.
Give someone a compliment, laugh, follow the golden rule, discover simplicity, eat dessert, mail a card to a friend, enjoy your cup of coffee, encourage others, tell your loved ones you love them, forgive, have a freestyle dance party when you hear your favorite song, squash jealously, always have others best interest at heart, pray, soak up the sun, be genuine, stop & take pictures, be happy & squeeze life … LIVE!

Moore, Oklahoma you’re in our thoughts & prayers <3.

God bless,



2 Comments to “Live Your Moments”

  1. So good, Angie. I Read it to my little writers group…they loved it.

  2. I came back to reread. Love your thoughts and words! Moore is in my prayers too!

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