Memorial Day Weekend

.. spotted a deer’s watering hole (:


Brett & I attended a neighborhood BBQ on Memorial Day, and with every new introduction I keep trying to pull hobbies, careers & things we had in common. This is habit for me when trying to find topics to discuss … but then God nudged my heart & the commonalities I needed where so simple, yet the most important. We’re all at this cook-out to interact with others, to enjoy the beautiful day & take in God’s surroundings. We have this moment we’re living in common … when I started to focus on what’s happening, instead of trying to make things happen, my interaction started unfolding naturally <3.


… a dainty flower with freckles (:


I image this ladybug lives under one of those mushrooms – she was just out doing some yard work (;


*** *** ***

The one truth we all have in common, not matter our burdens or joys, is life keeps playing.
It can’t be paused or rewound … and it’s too precious to want to fast forward.
Do you ever find yourself forcing moments, and not just letting them come to life?



One Comment to “Memorial Day Weekend”

  1. Love your imaginings about the lady bug!

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