Four Years!

2013.jpgStillwater, 2013 <3.

*** *** ***

He knows me better than anyone in the world & still loves me imperfections and all.
I couldn’t ask for a better partner to share life’s experiences with everyday.
He keeps my feet on the ground, but lifts me up at the same time.
Putting a smile on my face is something he does daily (: He always brings the sun out, even on my darkest day.
We’re truly the perfect balance of eachothers strengths & weaknesses.

Brett you’re my glimpse of heaven <3.

2009kiss.jpgBridesmaid & Groomsman, 2008 <3.
(Cooks Wedding)

*** *** ***

Do you ever visit “how he asked” – I’m addicted!

Reading different “love stories” is so entertaining & romantic.
I’m always intrigued by the stories where they almost didn’t meet.
What if I didn’t go out that night? What if I hadn’t missed that flight? What if I didn’t … it’s just so exciting!

In honor, of our 4 year wedding anniversary … I’d like to share our story (short version, promise!)

Let’s do this “how he asked” style:

*** *** ***

How We Met:

In April 2005, I ventured to Stillwater, OK to visit some friends at Oklahoma State University (Go Pokes!). I had just finished my associates’ degree and wanted to transfer to OSU that August to start my business degree. After a long day of scoping out the campus and trying to find a cheap place to live, we decided to grab dinner at Hideaway Pizza. My friend wanted to see her boyfriend, who was having dinner there with his fraternity. Can you guess who was there … Brett <3.

He was sitting across from me at the table, and he wasn’t really talkative … which I kinda liked? I know that sounds weird, but it was refreshing after hearing all the other guys talk about themselves. After dinner we headed back over to the frat house, where Brett and I finally started to talk. I feel in love with his crystal blue eyes and laid back personality. He never tried to be something he wasn’t, just an honest, genuine guy … he hasn’t changed a bit by the way (;

We pretty much became inseparable after that. I moved to Stillwater in July and still to this day we both say those couple years in college were the best. We played golf, attended concerts, took group vacations, went to all the OSU sporting events, tailgated, took many weekend road-trips with friends, had many lake days, spent many late nights on the strip (Stillwater’s main street), stayed up late watching movies and talking about our dreams. We were young, broke, carefree and in love.

*** *** ***

college.jpgCollege Days, 2006 <3.

*** *** ***

How He Asked:

On August 14, 2008 – Brett picked me up from a LONG day at work. He wanted to take me to PF Changs (my fav!) to help me de-stress. I told him I was exhausted, and just wanted to go home … I had no idea he was proposing, I still feel bad about that. He was in shock, I NEVER pass on PF Changs. On the way home, I received a phone call from a lady on Craig’s list about a sofa set I was inquiring about. So I asked Brett to go with me, and we could pick something up for dinner. Well, the sofa was a bust, but Brett tried again by recommending Shoguns for dinner. By this time my mind was on the “crazy sofa lady” (long story), and not work, so I said yes. We meet the sweetest couple that evening – they were telling us about their engagement story/wedding details. My spirits were lifted and I remember thinking how lucky I was to have a boyfriend like Brett. Someone who could always make me smile no matter what kind of day I was having.

Little known fact about me … I love me some fortune cookies. Anytime, I’m at a restaurant that gives out fortune cookies, you better believe I’ll get yours too! Brett having this in mind gave our waiter 2 fortune cookies holding a very special message inside them while I was getting us drinks. The dinner was coming to an end and the waiter brought our bill/fortune cookies. I opened my fortune and it said “Will you marry me?” … I thought it was a joke! Then I looked over and Brett was on one knee. I cried and started hugging Brett and the couple at our table. It was so perfect, and such a sweet surprise! He picked out the ring and everything! It melted my heart how he took one of my silly quirks (fortune cookie monster) and made it so special.

*** *** ***

fun.jpgRehearsal Dinner, 2009 <3.

*** *** ***

On May 31, 2009 I married my college sweetheart <3.
Even though we are older with big kid jobs/bills, and don’t get carefree college days anymore,
we still have each other and a love that grows stronger by the day.

*** *** ***


*** *** ***

1D3_2784.CR2Mr & Mrs <3.

*** *** ***


love letter

to my

soul mate

in captures


20082008 <3.

*** *** ***

honeymoon.jpgHoneymoon, 2009 <3.

*** *** ***

shepherds2010 <3.

*** *** ***

tower.jpgNYC Trip <3.

*** *** ***


*** *** ***

funnyface.jpgLake Days, 2011 <3.

*** *** ***

picture21Cancun, 2011 <3.

*** *** ***

St Louis3St Louis, Cardinals Baseball Game, 2010 <3.

*** *** ***

fair12.jpgState Fair, 2012 <3.

*** *** ***

107 (5)Las Vegas Trip <3.

*** *** ***

BG… many OSU football games <3.

*** *** ***

us.jpgFirst camping trip of 2013 <3.

*** *** ***

Looking forward to spending my life’s journey with you <3.

love you forever,

15 Comments to “Four Years!”

  1. Sweet couple!

  2. Congratulations to a beautiful couple. This is just priceless…love you both.

  3. It’s been an amazing four years babe, sometimes crazy and to fast but I’m so thankful for the life and love we have together. We have grown so much together and I pray that our love continues to grow as it has since the day we meet!
    Happy anniversary beautiful.

  4. I love this Angela! It is sooo sweet!

  5. Oh you guys! I just love you and wish you lots of continued growth on your journey, together and separate. I pray you have peace and strength in who you are both as individuals and as a couple. Strength and courage to create and follow YOUR path, no matter what that road looks like. We’ll be there every step of the way 🙂 LOVE YOU 2! Happy Anniversary!

  6. Beautiful tribute to your love. I didn’t know the proposal story. Loved reading it. Happy fourth anniversary!

    • Thank you Pam-la! I wrote the how he asked part awhile back and found it not long ago … It’s fun looking back at those special moments (:

  7. Your writing is powerful! Happy Anniversary

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