We’re home from celebrating our 4 year wedding anniversary in Cabo <3.

It was a wonderful trip filled with sunshine, spending time together & rejuvenating.
I’m feeling refreshed and re-energized to focus on my 2013 goals …
… maybe even make some new mid-year goals.

A friend once told me on her wedding day, the events of the day would all come together to create her wedding story.
She wanted to embrace every moment, even the hiccups – which become the funny chapters!
That little snippet from the beautiful bride made an imprint in my memory.
It surfaces during special occasions when everything doesn’t go perfectly to plan.

For example, we originally planned a trip to Cancun, but after checking the weather decided to change to Cabo
… for a “small” fee ):
Also, our flight was delayed causing us to miss our connecting flight.
We finally arrived 6 hours later, but not with our luggage … it showed up the next evening at 7:00 pm ):
Lesson Learned: always pack a change of clothes, swim suit, toothbrush, deodorant & face wash in your carry on!
Lastly, Brett’s return flight was cancelled mistakenly by the airline,
so he spent a good chunk of time on the phone with United getting everything ironed out ):

We’ve only been back a day … but it’s so true how the hiccups, in the end, make you laugh the hardest (:

*** *** ***

The first couple days were spent exploring our resort & ordering room service <3.
pretty sure not having luggage forced us to relax!


hotel2… most beautiful hotel entrance ever!

arrived.jpgI’m very thankful for my traveling partner – he kept a smile on my face.
He has a gift for seeing everything as a blessing <3.

view.jpgbeautiful balcony view <3.

cowchair.jpg… these made me feel right at home (:

plant.jpg… loved the sunny walls <3.

DAY2.JPGDay 2 – no luggage
luckily, hubby packed some extra t-shirts last minute in the carry-on

relax.jpg… cheers to 4 years <3.

I know we won’t be able to take a vacation every anniversary.
I’m feeling really blessed we got to spend our 4th in Mexico together <3.



One Comment to “Hola!”

  1. Loved your hiccups story..so true. Happy 4th anniversary. Keep celebrating big! : )

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