SJ Diaries

Cabo San Lucas & San José had completely different vibes.
San José was more authentic – you instantly felt the Mexican culture.
The shops came in all different shapes & sizes …
some no bigger than your closet, others brighten entire street alleys!
We enjoyed strolling the quaint little sidewalks and visiting with the locals.
It was a relaxing afternoon taking in San José’s adorable charm.

handmade.jpg… a bug’s life <3.

brett.jpgmy partner in crime <3.

pretty.jpg… these were beautiful, but the thought of purchasing anything resembling a blanket made me overheat!


cute.jpg… mini cuties <3.

wow.jpg… I see something unique and special – I know, don’t ask (:

shopping.jpg… alley turned rainbow bright <3.


shark.jpg… jaws <3.

skull.jpg… don’t be scared, it’s happy!

birds.jpg… don’t feed the birds … lesson learned.

google.jpg… he’s got jokes

shop.jpg… wrestling mask (check)


Hello, we’re Angela & Brett
4 years of love <3.

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