This & That – A Week in Cabo

This is officially my last Cabo post (:
I really wanted to document our trip, it gave us a great opportunity to reflect on a wonderful year.

foodies.jpg… seafood dinner evening <3.


mee.jpg… late night <3.

hat.jpg… invisible (:

poolfun.jpg… the resort was so pretty at night <3.

pool.jpg… morning view at breakfast <3.

spice.jpg…  chopsticks dinner <3.



uspool… infinity pool, ocean waves, pretty lights, love him <3.

puppy.jpg… puppy hello <3.

me.jpg… this is a “what’s left” outfit … I put on “what’s left” that’s clean <3.

resortfountain.jpg… beautiful resort!




us.jpg… dinner time <3.

sunriseresport.jpg… morning walks ❤

oceanme.jpg… proof I overcame my jellyfish fear and got in the ocean <3.


dinnner.jpgA & B <3.

coco.jpg… the Mr. spotted these (:

sushi.jpg… he ordered his first sushi roll!

*** *** ***

Looking forward to a Father’s Day BBQ with our heroes tomorrow <3.
Thanks so much for reading!



5 Comments to “This & That – A Week in Cabo”

  1. Looks like you had an awesome trip!

  2. I can’t believe my eyes…Brett tried sushi?!?!! Lol. And your trip looks amazing in the pics! Congrats on 4yrs together! Love ya Angela!


    Where can I get a cute black and white baseball T like yours? 😉 I love it!

    • Thank you Rach! Your comment made my day (: We need to do lunch, and catch up soon! We had a couple hiccups on the trip not gonna lie, but we made the best of it (: Made me think of our marriage, not every year is easy, but you have to make the best of it!

      I’ve gotten several emails about my outfits, never would’ve thought with all the awesome fashion bloggers … I got that baseball tee at Gap!

      Thanks for reading friend – LY2!

  3. Thanks for sharing your great pictures and Cabo with us. AWESOME! AND I am impressed that Brett tried Sushi. DId he like it? : )

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