God’s Inserts.

Sometimes you’re just going about your life & God will insert a messenger in your life.
Most of the time this person doesn’t even realize their doing the work of the Lord,
but something they say or do sticks to your heart like glue & you can feel your faith growing inside and out.

I encountered 3 messengers in the same week.
These blessings stood out to me, because all their names were Debbie.

 Debbie#1 & her husband retired in Cabo, but her other half was in the states not doing very well in the hospital.
She was flying to Cabo to retrieve her doggie babies, just to turn around and fly back to her sick husband.
We talked the entire flight and shared pictures of our favorite people.
Debbie#1 taught me that no matter what challenges we’re facing in our lives, we still need to be kind to others.
This sweet woman is going through a very hard obstacle in her life,
but she still took the time to brighten a women going on vacations day!
What a lovely, selfless example of Christ <3.

Picture 069Debbie#1 made me this rose with her United napkin
& gave me her contact information incase Brett & I ever wanted to stay at their home in Cabo!
What a beautiful lady – inside & out <3.

*** *** ***

God wasn’t done with me in Cabo, He made Debbie#2 and I’s paths cross one evening at dinner.
Brett & I instantly hit it off with Debbie#2 and her husband …
such an enjoyable couple & our conversation flowed like we were childhood friends.
Debbie#2 and I discussed some deep topics about moms, which brought so much comfort to my heart.
The next day the concierge brought me a book with a note inside & a business card from Debbie#2!
I’ve already e-mailed her & look forward to our long distance friendship (:
Debbie#2 taught me that sharing your obstacles you haven’t overcome or you’re still recovering from,
can really help others in their journey.
Also, talking about your brokenness keeps things in perspective, makes you humble & helps you heal.
Debbie#2 gave me a great gift by telling me her story – it soothed some fears I’ve been battling <3.

Picture 070

*** *** ***

I returned from vacation to find another blessing at work, from my absolute favorite Debbie (:
Now Debbie#3  is my work mom & truly an amazing woman!
My sweet friend gifted me a beautiful bracelet, a present from her mom, that I complimented on her the previous week.
I told her I couldn’t possibly take such a treasure,
but she went on to tell me how she’s been reading a book by Joyce Meyer
that states it’s easy for us to give away things we don’t want/need anymore,
but a true gift is something you give that you still cherish.
I swear God was speaking directly to my very being through her words.
Brett & I have been on this journey to live more simple,
but I can think of so much “stuff” I hang onto for all the wrong reasons.
My new arm decor holds a priceless message.
It’s a reminder that there isn’t any “stuff” in the world worth more than a human beings smile
or that uplifting feeling when you know your friendship is truly valued <3.
My eyes filled up with tears when Debbie #3 walked away –
what a thoughtful gesture & testimony to brighten someone’s day (:

Picture 071

 This whole experience made me stop and think,
how many messengers does God send my way?
I only caught these because of the name coincidence.
I’m realizing that I’ve slowed down to enjoy a pretty flower & capture little details throughout my day,
but all of that is on the outside.
God is telling me to dig deep and not forget about arranging, decluttering and cleaning up the inside too.

In the Bible, Deborah was a Prophetess and a Judge in Israel.
Deborah successfully guided Barak,
he in turn conquered Sisera and delivered Israel from the oppression of the Canaanite King.
Deborah helped bring a great victory for God’s people.

Even though I’m just one person, my 3 Debbie’s came together without even knowing it and watered my faith,
and to me that’s another victory for the Lord.
My prayer is that you take something small from this blog post;
that you didn’t have before you read it <3.

I’m thankful for my graceful Teacher & His messengers.

God bless,


8 Comments to “God’s Inserts.”

  1. Wonderful gifts He gave you. Thank you for sharing. Love ‘seeing’ Him!

  2. Angie, it’s a great post so glad you hung in there and wrote it!

  3. Sniff, sniff! What a beautiful post to find on a Monday morning! I do love you and am so thankful God put you in my life. You are a blessing and a wonderful treasure.

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