Father’s Day

I’m a little behind on blogging …

We broke in our new deck with a Father’s Day BBQ,
I had a small break through with my house not being in perfect order when we had everyone over.
Cabo clothes were hanging throughout the house, but everyone ducked under them
and still had a great time.

This has been a year of balancing out my stress.
85% of my anxiety I bring on myself with crazy “what if” questions I fabricate.
Mini moments are sometimes lost, because I’m battling myself.
I can’t be cured overnight, but I’m working on becoming more comfortable in my own skin,
in all aspects of my life!

*** *** ***

Below are some captures from a wonderful evening,
spent with our daddy heroes <3.

FD2.jpgTara, Dad & Brett <3.

Jack.jpg… love this picture of Jack <3.

PD2.jpg… cutest couple on the block <3.

BBQ.jpg… two ladies & a gentleman <3.

FD5.jpgPumpkin, Marley, John & Jack <3.

FD7bw.jpg… my new fav of T&M <3.

walking… the best doggie baby dad ever (:



One Comment to “Father’s Day”

  1. So fun to see you growing in joy. Thanks for the wonderful Father’s Day feast and fellowship. FUN!

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