Photo Challenge Day 02 – Circles


I’m already breaking the rules and using words in The August Break photo challenge,
but it’s for a special reason.


Today my sister-in-law’s birthday has CIRCLED {…like that smoothness} back around!


She is an exceptional, dream chasing, inspiring woman who is such a positive impact in my life.
Although I admire many things about this delightful lady, one element I sincerely appreciate is her gift to deliver solutions.
I’m constantly amazed by her perspective on life.
If I ever have a difficulty, she’ll dissect it with me & I always walk away with several resolutions.


Seeing the world for what it has to offer is her daily energy.
Nature’s natural remedies, beauty and contributions she never takes for granted.
She’s on a constant hunt for truth and pureness, before allowing it near her loved ones <3.
Never settling for this is how it’s always been done,
but eagerly developing her own standards is empowering to the people in her life.
She’s truly being the change, she wishes to see in the world (:


I also admire her and Brett’s relationship; they are siblings who want the very best for one another.
There isn’t an ounce of competition between them, unless it’s a board game (;
All they want is to see each other get every particle of joy in life.


She loves her family and constantly thinks of ways to make their happiness her #1 priority.
Watching her with her adorable babies is so refreshing,
you can feel how much she wants them to soak up the beauty this world has to offer.
I saved an e-mail she sent me once, it made a happy pinch at my heart.
I have to share a few sentences:


*** *** ***

“You only have your children once, for a short span of time,
when they totally depend on you and all of the wonderful things you, as a mom, have to offer.
You are their lifeline and only you can fully give them EXACTLY what they need.
And as the kids are young, I feel like they view their parents as these wonderful, majestic beings
that make them smile and that fully take care of their every need.
You will never get that time back.
Once they hit their age of independence, everything changes but until then,
you can shelter and protect them from this crazy world
and build their confidence by showering them in love every single day.”

*** *** ***


Such a spectacular mother, wife, daughter, sister & friend,
anyone would be so lucky to know someone like my sister, Tara.
We hope you have a BEAUTIFUL birthday Tara!
You’re an inspiration in more ways then you know,
and truly deserve for every single one of your dreams to come true <3.







3 Comments to “Photo Challenge Day 02 – Circles”

  1. You have completely made my day!!!!!!!!!! These are the most thoughtful birthday words I have ever recieved. I’m so glad and thankful to have you in our lives. And we are on this journey together, making changes, growing in knowledge, and striving to do better. It has been a joy to watch you on your journey. You have grown SO TREMENDOUSLY from the innocent, naive college girl to a strong, independent, open-minded woman. Love you sister! Thank you so much!

  2. Beautiful tribute! : ) Happy birthday, Tara!

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