Photo Challenge Day 30 – Sign

I’m breaking the rules again … but who ever really, fully stops at a stop SIGN (;


Today is a special occasion, it’s my father-in-laws birthday!


The words hard working, generous, funny and loving come to mind when I think about Dave.
He’d do anything humanly possible for his family & constantly thinks of ways he can bless them.


One of his favorite pastimes is watching his alma mater, the OSU Cowboys, in Boone Pickens Stadium,
but only after tailgating with his favorite people.
In 2012, watching OSU stomp OU, in person, will go down in history as a treasured memory!


He’s a big jokester, who loves nothing more than sitting around with his family reminiscing funny stories.
Achieving his goals is something he doesn’t take lightly,
and helping you accomplish yours is one of his passions.
He helped raise two genuine kids, giving Tara & Brett an amazing foundation to succeed in life &
is already planting roots for his grandchildren.
Always willing to help, planning some type of getaway, and giving advice are details we admire about him.



He loves making others happy & finding the perfect Christmas gifts (:
Cycling, boating, golfing, camping and bluegrass music are just a few of his many hobbies.
He’ll try anything once, and encourage you to do the same.
The love of his life is his best friend in the world. Together for over 30 years & truly the perfect pair <3.

2008-2009 013

He showed his son to work to live … not live to work, but always work hard,
and his daughter to never take less then she deserves.
Don’t constantly play it safe, life is just too short to stand still, could be quotes by him.
He’s taught everyone who knows him, no matter what cards you’ve been dealt,
with determination, family and God – your dreams are always achievable <3.

2008-2009 172

2008-2009 060


Dave, we hope you have a treasured birthday, filled to the brim with happiness!
Your drive for life & laugh are truly contagious.
You’re a hero to your family, and extremely loved <3.


Happy Birthday!



2 Comments to “Photo Challenge Day 30 – Sign”

  1. So Sweet!!!!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Dave. Wonderful pics…wonderful family.

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