River Adventure


Brett’s parents, he’s sister’s crew & ourselves spent 2.5 days welcoming August at the river.
It was a relaxed weekend spent floating the river, bonfires, good music, exploring, cloud gazing, fishing
and staring into space, satellite hunting through a blanket of stars.
Slade, one of Brett’s best buds, brought his family out one night for dinner.
We all loved every minute of it, and it’s for sure a trip to go down in the books as splendid.
Brett & I feel so fortune to live within a 30 minute radius of our families.
I love that we’re all close and get to take these weekend escapes.
I’m looking forward to making “river weekend” a yearly family & friends tradition <3.

brreakfast.jpgbreakfast (:

mil.jpg Jorge the small one eyed minion from Despicable Me 2!

sweet.jpgbest buds (:

crew.jpgriver family (:


us.jpga couple happy campers <3.

rivver.jpglovely <3.

creekk.jpgPumkin’ & Pops (:

point.jpg… just fishin’

love.jpgawesome weather!

Marley.jpgmud pies!

creek.jpgcreek cuties <3.



I’m so lucky I married a man with such a groovy family.
I love them to pieces and feel so incredibly blessed we all have eachother <3.

“Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.”
Michael J. Fox



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