Travels to Red River, NM – Chapter 1

Brett & I both spent our childhoods camping with our families.
My dad has always been an explorer who filled my summer vacations road tripping to national/state parks.
Brett grew up in a lake town, and spent his weekends camping & boating to his heart’s content.
The day we purchased Shady I was thrilled to combine our camping experiences, and make new memories together <3.

We’ve visited several local campgrounds,
but our 6 day adventure to Red River, NM is our furthest to date, and was truly unforgettable.
We got an early start that turned into a late start when Brett & I couldn’t get to our meeting spot on time.
Then I received a phone call from my dad saying he forgot his wallet, and was making an hour roundtrip to retrieve it.
This worked out perfect, I visited Wally-World to pick up a few things and get organized before hitting the highway.

 NMexico.jpgOne of my favorite pictures from the trip (:
Dad & Pam-la in New Mexico,
we’re still in Oklahoma directly behind them <3.

roadtrippin2.jpgroadtrippin’ selfie (:

Dad & Pam-la supplied walkie-talkies making communication a breeze.
We pumped gas at truckstops, searched for fun cloud shapes in the sky &
traveled an open highway decorated with wild sunflowers.
Keeping our eyes peeled for wild animals, unique road signs, and anything else that might catch one’s fancy,
made the peaceful stretch of road entertaining.
After a long day of driving my dads trusty, paper maps led us straight to the KOA in Clayton, NM to sleepover (:

An early night to bed, we woke up and took a stroll around the campground.
The boys loved all the new smells and my camera enjoyed capturing the pretty surroundings.

morning.jpgearly morning <3.

men.jpgI have the best men in my life <3.

trucks.jpgon the road (:

painting.jpgpretty building painting in Clayton, NM

Our first official pit stop was in Springer, NM at the old courthouse.
We stretched our road legs walking through the old building, and climbing stairs to view their historic collection.
The two volunteers were super sweet ladies, who beamed with excitement telling us old stories.
It was an unplanned stop, that four travelers will forever treasure <3.

courthouse.jpg… the old courthouse museum of Springer, NM



dadd.jpgdad got locked up (;

shoes.jpgyes, this is real. The shoe of the worlds tallest man!

proof.jpgproof (:

yikes.jpgThis was up in the attic … walking those stairs was creepy!

 chair.jpgthis was a first for me – never seen a real electric chair before!

museum.jpgbeautiful day <3.


Dad & Pam were the best travel buddies <3.
Unfortunately, we wont be able to make long trips with them every year, making this one extra special.
I can’t wait to finished editing my pictures, and can’t thank my dad enough for planning a once in a lifetime getaway.



One Comment to “Travels to Red River, NM – Chapter 1”

  1. LOVE the pics! What beautiful places!!

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