Travels to Red River, NM – Chapter 2

After reaching the mountains that were in the far distance the day before,
we instantly rolled down all the truck windows to breathe in the fresh mountain air.
The winding road gave us breathtaking views of the cliffs, and a crystal clear river flowed beside us for miles.
The historic marker where we pulled over was our first taste of pure mountain scenery,
giving our spirits an extra dose of energy <3.

cliff.jpg… pure awesome!

creeeek.jpgtree branches & smooth rocks going for a crisp swim <3.

cameras.jpgnatures paparazzi (:

sky.jpgNew Mexico has the prettiest clouds
hands down <3.

break.jpgphoto credit: my dad (:

nmriver.jpgraw peacefulness at a whole new level <3.

We pulled the rigs over by a lovely meadow overlooking Eaglenest, NM.
Knowing we were getting super close to Red River was so exciting!
After snapping a few pictures, we headed down a steep hill to our home away from home (:

rigs.jpgcomfort camping (:

flowers.jpgvery welcoming <3.

boys.jpgBrett made a bed for the boys in the back seat.
They still wanted to ride shotgun with mommy (:
I love how Gim blinked in this photo & Winston’s fur face it all wind blown.

babe.jpgI got you babe (:

The campsites in Red River, backed up to a little river filled with trout, ducks, muskrats, and people fishing (:
Everyone was super friendly, creating a community of happy campers.
Dad & Brett backed into our rustic spots like pros, and somehow got our trailers level.
We nestled in – then headed straight to town to find items we forgot, shop for the perfect souvenirs & find snacks.

fun.jpgSo happy we got to experience it with Dad & Pam-la (:
I’m blessed my dad introduced me to the inspiring world of travel.
Feeling very fortunate I got to take this trip with him as an adult,
so he could witness the travelers spirit he helped mold.

Red River was an adorable little ski town with the cutest boutiques.
We sipped on milkshakes and walked slowly to adjust to the high altitude.
The first night we sat under a clear sky filled with glowing clouds
and a bright full moon, as our campfire kept us cozy.
We all went to bed, super eager to wake up and fully explore our new surroundings <3.

me.jpg… Brett & Pam-la made sure I got in some photos (:


I took soooooo many pictures! It’s so much fun looking back through them (:
Hoping to finish up my editing next week & documenting the rest <3.

xo/ angela


2 Comments to “Travels to Red River, NM – Chapter 2”

  1. It sure must have been a nice trip, Angela! 🙂

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