Half of Me

Picture 109
Mr. is making a full recovery with his new acl (:
Poor guy has officially joined the group of people living with screws inside them.
I feel like his healing process was way easier than mine,
but he keeps reminding me I’m just a princess, and he’s tough (;

Picture 111graphic I know – poor dude ):

All I know is this entire experience has made me truly appreciate my partner.
I didn’t realize how much Mr. helped me out until he wasn’t capable of doing anything.
In all honesty he does everything for the doggie babies; I just buy them sweaters.
Brett also cleans the floors, cooks most of our meals, keeps the garden, lawn & flower beds alive.
He’ll bring me a drink from the kitchen when he makes one for himself,
and automatically gets me a pillow for movie watching on the sofa.

nice.jpg… in his knee bending machine ): 

Renting/returning Redboxes, taking the trash out, and doing the grocery shopping
are additional ways he helps out!
Pretty sure it makes me stop and think about what I actually do:
cleaning, laundry, budgeting, organizing and ummmmm … some cooking?

Picture 113old school nintendo – the best kind of medicine! … yes, we beat it (:

Well, y’all that has all changed.
This lady has cooked chicken and dumplings, turkey stew, chicken lasagna, spaghetti, turkey tacos, pancakes, turkey bacon sandwiches, and two batches of pasta sauce with ingredients from our garden!
I’ve gone grocery shopping, picked up prescriptions and Redbox movies.
Kept the doggie babies alive, and babysat our niece and nephew overnight while Brett was recovering!

Picture 110… gift from hubby for being the world’s best nurse (;

I highly respect caregivers … I’d classify them as heroes.
I did it for two weeks, and broke down twice!
Not saying that for sympathy, but to show how incredibly spoiled I am to even think I had it bad,
the hardships people overcome everyday is mind blowing
and truly opens my eyes to my many many blessings that I so selfishly take for granted <3.


My eyes have been opened to how much I depend on Brett, and how he’s truly my other half.
My life wouldn’t operate without him,
and even though I don’t think anyone should depend on someone else to function.
I’ve realized Brett has been a big impact on the person I’ve become.
I wouldn’t know God the way I do now, if it wasn’t for my husband.
Brett’s love empowers me to be a better person.

For the time I’ve been given with my sweet Mr.,
and our future journey – I thank you Lord!



2 Comments to “Half of Me”

  1. Sounds like you’ve met your match. Cheers to awesome husbands and a speedy recovery!

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