Travels to Red River, NM – Chapter 5

heart.jpgI see hearts everywhere …
how cool is this?!

two.jpgyou & me <3.

bonfire.jpg… memorable bonfires <3.

pic.jpgmy inspiration (:

lovely.jpglovely flowers everywhere!

neat.jpg… exploring Eaglenest, NM

dinner.jpgthe food was yummy at the steakhouse in Red River,
but the restaurant lighting was horrible for pictures!

campground.jpgcampground <3.

creep.jpgI know kinda creepy cool – ha ha (:

walk.jpgwe took lots of walks <3.

brett.jpgokay, words out – we sold everything & opened a bistro in Red River!
I kid I kid (:


Way behind on blogging & editing pictures –  broken record.
I wanted to wrap up our Red River trip … “This and That” style (:
Pure awesome trip with some of my favs <3.

Enjoy your weekend!



2 Comments to “Travels to Red River, NM – Chapter 5”

  1. Great captures of pics of a fun, fun trip.

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