Brett’s Garden

Mr. is a garden rockstar!
We’ve gotten onions, multiple types of peppers, cucumbers, broccoli, tons of leafy greens, potatoes, zucchini, herbs, squash and the tomatoes are still going strong!
He’s decision to grow his first garden this year really paid off!
We’re already making plans to build a second garden next year.
Thanks to Brett’s brilliant sister – we’re converting our current garden into a greenhouse,
for the winter months to come – wish us luck (:
Tara and John thanks for the many plants, inspiration, and help when Mr. had his knee surgery!

feet.jpg… this is what a typical lunch break picking looks like (:

dirt.jpg… John dug up some potatoes!

yum.jpg… we’ve made lots of pasta/pizza sauce!

basil.jpgcleaning fresh basil to dry out <3.
… another tip from my sweet SIL!

pep.jpgpeppers <3.

sauce.jpganother sauce making party <3.

green.jpg… quick morning picking <3.
Also, Brett’s mom has made some amazing salsa from these treasures!

yyum.jpgfresh baked potatoes!

board.jpgtruly organic <3.

window.jpg… they sun all over the house <3.

stem.jpgperfect <3.

cheese.jpgdinner (:

It’s Monday – have a wonderful week!!!!



2 Comments to “Brett’s Garden”

  1. Awesome looking produce. Great job guys!

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