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October 30, 2013

Sweet Celebration








I’ve looked up to a handful of women in my life; one of those ladies is my mother-in-law.
Knowing what she wants, but happy & eager to put others first,
places her at the very top of my “most beautiful people I know” list.
I simply adore her, you can’t help but want to be a better person when around her.






Something I’ve observed is how she never complains,
and manages her time to get everything done with a smile.
Loving Jesus, cooking, cleaning, working full-time, exercising, always put together, constantly there for her loved ones
are all done with a magical finesse very few women possess.

002 (3)


2008-2009 048
I love hearing about her mom & dad,
she’s proud of them for being good examples, her & her siblings could observe.
They instilled powerful morals in her, like honesty, patience & selflessness;
that she demonstrates daily to her children & grandkids.
I respect my MIL for always wanting to do what’s right, and raising positive, kindhearted kids.

2008-2009 158

***014 (14)

She loves her husband to the moon and back –  their love story is so refreshing <3.
Constantly willing to go with the flow, makes her spontaneously classic,
and the perfect match for Dave.
She has the most kindred spirit and such a peaceful presence.






Zumba, sewing, painting, singing, dog walking, camping, OSU football watching, traveling, and
beautiful jewelry making are just a handful of her interests.
Soaking up knowledge empowers her, and always willing to try something new describes her.
How she’s the perfect balance of strong, but never overpowering makes her the perfect lady.



Watching her pour out compassion to her husband, kids, grandkids and animals is moving.
She truly has the sweetest soul and deserves everything lovely in her journey.
Melanie, we hope your birthday is incredible, just like you sweet lady.
Knowing you has been such blessing in my life, and I love seeing God’s light shine through you.
We love you so much and can’t thank you enough for being such an example of grace, love and humility <3.





October 28, 2013


I’m sorry, but the maze at the pumpkin patch deserves a post all to itself.
It was this amateur photographer’s backdrop heaven!


up.jpgI kinda stayed back with this little guy for awhile … Amelia is my girl, but I wanted to spend some time with Marley <3.
His imagination is so entertaining and sweet … glad I got some one on one time with him (:

family.jpgfamily <3.





sweeeet.jpg… it all began when two people fell in love <3.




gals.jpgthe ladies <3.



boysboys are fun <3.



October 25, 2013

Jack-O’-Lanterns Native Land

Fellow photographers were taking captures left and right of kids, pumpkins, animals
and anything else that might make a good filler picture in their Halloween scrapbook!
Made my heart skip a beat seeing so many other cameras (:
I take way too many pictures; pretty sure there is a camera around my neck 85% of the time?
Sometimes I take hundreds of pictures in a setting; at times 1 or 2 and choose to just be in the moment.
This was one of those special occasions, were I was able to soak up the memories
and take lots of captures <3.

cuttie.jpgsweet boy <3.

mini.jpgmini’s <3.

pretty.jpgmy pumkin’ <3.

small.jpghe loved the small pumpkins <3.

baby.jpgbaby hog (;

pinkpony.jpgI had to make this photo pink (pumpkins favorite color),
so she’d be riding a pink pony <3.

mar.jpgpumpkin explorer <3.


watch.jpgjust watching <3.

jump.jpgjump jump!

outhouselove it <3.


socute.jpgthe most beautiful little girl ever <3.


We missed Brett & Jackson, but made the best of it.
It means so much, that I can spend time with Brett’s family, even when he’s working.
That’s really special to me <3.


This fall weather is calming for the soul.
Have a beautiful weekend <3.

October 23, 2013

Jungle Shower


 On a perfect autumn morning, in a cozy home, jammed with beautiful Godly women,
my dear friend Christina was showered in love & support.


I heard the most affectionate prayers;
you could feel their love for the Lord & Christina’s growing family in each word.

She’s surrounded by the loveliest Christian women,
eager to watch & help the new parents on the exciting adventure of parenthood.


Ladies can be downright cruel with jealousy, comparison and entitlement.
There wasn’t an ounce of that in the air.


Witnessing these ladies pray over my friend, talk so positively
& giving more than they took from one another was energizing.


I could see Christina’s gratitude for having this powerful circle of love, encouragement
and faith in her life.

It was a delightful baby shower; leaving with a smile was the only option.
I’m so excited for my sweet friend’s little family <3.



October 21, 2013

This & That

life lately moments in captures …

cup.jpgtrying really hard to like hot tea, in one of my favorite mugs <3.

van.jpgwhen picking up Shady in the city – we happened upon a car show (:
Thank you Dad & Pam so much!

prettttylunch details in the city <3.

sunset.jpga pretty glimpse <3.

zoom.jpgplaying with my new zoom <3.

coffee.jpgmy other favorite mug & yummy coffee <3.

suun.jpgsunset <3.

deer.jpgSunday family time <3.

camp.jpgsummer camping memories <3.


October 18, 2013




You guessed it!
Mr. & I took a little road trip to our favorite town.
It was the most beautiful autumn day, and we were lucky enough to spent it outside.
We did some walking, shopping, tailgate hopping and perfect parking spot hunting (;
I’ll watch a million football games,
just as long as my family & friends are sitting right beside me <3.

us.jpgheading to the tailgate <3.

saveorange power!

na.jpglook who I ran into (:

M.jpgwe didn’t get to sit by eachother this time ):
Brett & Dave made sure to text back and forth

cheeeer.jpgOSU <3.

can.jpgthese are very yummy (:

bullet.jpgHello Bullet!

sunny.jpgwatching him, watch football <3.

tailgate.jpgGo Pokes!


Capture your weekend, go have some fun!


October 14, 2013

Sleepover Diaries


We started the movie Brave, but it was scary, so we switched to Toy Story 3 <3.

To say you loved your Disney cups would be an understatement,
we filled them with gatorade & chocolate milk <3.

Amelia & I baked a peanut butter, chocolate oreo, get well cake for Uncle Ubbs –
Little A smashed the oreos and mixed the coolwhip with pudding mix <3.


Amelia gave Winston lots of hugs and snuggles <3.

Marley wanted to watch SpongeBob Square Pants nonstop,
but was sweet enough to let his sister squeeze in some Strawberry Shortcake <3.


Uncle Ubbs had just had knee surgery, so we watched far too much tv <3.

A priceless moment was you two snuggling up to Uncle Ubbs, playing on the IPad in bed <3.


Marley & Amelia wanted to cuddle on the sofa with Auntie A at one point – kinda made my day <3.

Amelia would go ask Uncle Ubbs if he needed anything for me, and was such a trooper <3.


You slept in our room on the floor, and when Marley woke up scared,
Amelia cuddled him back to sleep – so so sweet <3.

Amelia ate Auntie A’s burnt pancake and when I asked her how it was
she said “It was kind of good?” – bless her heart <3.


You both wanted a snack …
Auntie A: Would you like some grapes?
A&M: nooooo
Auntie A: Would you like some leftovers?
A&M: nooooo
Auntie A: What would you like?
A: candy or goldfish?
Auntie A: nooooo
A: I guess I’ll have some grapes, if I have chocolate milk to drink
Auntie A: deal <3.


At one point I was helping Uncle Ubbs, and I heard screaming.
I dashed out to the living room to see Marley sitting on Amelia’s head – 1st time out with Auntie A ):

Marley killing it on a tracker memory game – it was shocking how good he was <3.

Amelia & Marley always putting their dishes in the sink when their done – crazy awesome <3.


Taking off Uncle Ubbs bandage – the looks on their faces! <3.

We played with sticker books, Marley was all about them <3.

Amelia telling me stories about her friends – very sweet <3.

I woke up a couple times in the night, and Marley was sleeping ½ in the closet – poor guy <3.


It was a quick sleepover, and we couldn’t really plan anything fun with Uncle Ubbs not being 100%,
but having you two around was the best medicine for him.
I know we can’t shelter you from the world, but know you have many supporters,
who love you wholeheartedly.
We’ll always be here for you, cheering you on to conquer the world & discover your dreams.
Stay confident, adventurous and loving,
you deserve the best forever & always sweethearts <3.

xo/Auntie A


October 11, 2013

Next Chapter


weekend escapes : adventures : prayer:  organic cucumbers : happiness : drive-in movies : ice cream : camping : red river : cookouts : taos – nm :  walks : osu sporting events : decluttering : milkshakes :  road-trips : sunroof : gardening  : faith : swimming : mexico : instagram : movies : sodastream : fireworks : route 66 : suv paid off : many blessings : houston – tx : acl : roller coasters : homemade sauce/salsa : God : suntans : star gazing : lunch dates : coffee : quilt store : catfish fry : fun : micheal’s kitchen : photography : pleasure pier : football : eaglenest – nm : river float trip : sonic drinks : simplicity : mosquitoes : organic cooking : patio : basketball : pretty clouds : golf : okc : travel : smiles : summer rain showers : boiling springs state park :  love : photo challenge : zumba : tomatoes : painting : flowers : cabo : ducks : 4 years : onions : sunsets : campfires : farmers market : lake days : family : sunnies : music : happy hours : amazon : photo shoots : baking : crafting : potatoes : quotes : new mexico : curly hair : natural remedies : mani/pedi’s : ice cream : astros game : outlet mall : ski lift :  postcards : fresh veggies : bike rides : the arch : wild bears : humidity : laughter : personal growth : diet dr. pepper : minimalism : star gazing : galveston – tx : earthships : nature : reliant stadium : niece & nephew sleepover :
and so so much more!


Crisp breezes have replaced muggy mornings, as the sun goes to bed earlier.
I’ve been making crock pot recipes, while pulling out throw blankets for sofa cuddling.
Summer has gone somewhere else, as autumn reveals itself… enchanting time of year <3.

Seems as though seasons are displayed and gone in the blink of an eye.
I haven’t discovered the trick to making time slow down, pausing sunsets
or freezing ideal evening light that makes everything pop flawlessly.
Summer 2013 has gone down in my book of life as a personal favorite, it was a happy chapter <3.

Looking forward to what this next season will bring for us & our favorite people.
Friends and family are expecting babies, been researching some new endeavors,
and I have several goals to complete before greeting 2014.
It’s been a year filled with blessings, makes my eyes fill with grateful tears.
Seems like time has fallen into place, and I’ve caught up to myself.
Everything isn’t perfect, but it’s realistic, giving me peace.

Thank you Lord for my life <3.



October 9, 2013

A Loud Whisper

Somewhere in this constantly worried, Type A, overbearing mind, I’ve grown.
Until recently, I spent 90% of my energy trying to control outcomes, having little faith in anything, but myself.
I’m so far from being completely cured, but walking my path to get it right has begun.

blackandwhite{Photo credit: Pam, writer of Tender Mercies}

Someone once asked me how God spoke to me, I was completely caught off guard by that question.
Truthfully, I was a gray Christian for longer than I’d like to admit, and didn’t listen for God.
Taking control of everything, exhausting myself to get everything right … I didn’t have time to listen.
The energy I wasted struggling to stay afloat, when I had more help than I ever knew right beside me.
On our journey to simplify our lives, somewhere in the decluttering, I started hearing Him.
It’s not a voice, but an emotion that takes over.
Somehow a struggle is clear, although at times the journey to overcome it will still be hard,
you know you’re not in it alone.


two{Photo credit: Pam, writer of Tender Mercies}

My most recent conversation with Him was in a whimsical graveyard, protected by His peace.
As I walked through the rows, I thought about how much loss touches people’s journeys.
I never had the pleasure of knowing the two people we went to visit, but I’ve grown to adore the lady missing them.

The old me would’ve searched for ways to make it better,
ask why and even gotten angry to how this happened to such a sweet lady and her loved ones.
The growing me heard God say, listen for my message, be still.
The product of her pain is the woman you know today, look to her solid faith as a Christ like example of courage.
Instead of asking why this happened, study how she made it through.
You’ve prayed for Godly women in your life, she’s a beautiful believer to observe.


 She’s overcome brokenness, by counting her blessings with smiles every single day.
How her journey has shaped her into someone constantly aware of others needs.
A Christian capable of using devastation to witness and empower hurting hearts.
To observe the grace of God, in a servants flourishing heart , when you’d assume it’d shrink from throbbing.
I can’t relate to her grieving, but somewhere in that graveyard, my faith multiplied from it <3.



“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.
I give them eternal life, and they will never perish, and no one will snatch them out of my hand.”

John 10:27-28

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, shall guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”
Philippians 4:6-7

I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye.”
Psalms 32:8-9

butterfly2 {Photo credit: Pam, writer of Tender Mercies}

October 7, 2013

Texas Cowboys

We kicked off football season flying to Houston, TX to cheer on the OSU Cowboys!
Their first game was a victory against Mississippi State in Reliant Stadium.
Breaking in my new zoom lens was a blast! Thank you Mr. <3.

PP.jpg… the gang (:

We hoped in our rentals and cruised to Galveston, TX for a weekend of fun!
We celebrated Dave’s birthday, and the Cowboys win, of course (:
Eating frozen yogurt, hunting down my dream t-shirt,
and playing like kids at Pleasure Pier were just a few of our favorite events.

pokes.jpgorange pride (:

swing.jpgMark & Ann – sweethearts <3.

fun.jpgWe sure did!

funny.jpgI’m setting my pride aside, and putting this on the www – I was terrified!

4RS.jpgthe 4 rockstars!
So blessed we get to experience cool getaways with you two <3.
You + Us = always a fun time!

lights.jpgpier life <3.

pookes.jpggo pokes!

boarddthe board (:

field.jpgwarming up!

pete.jpg… Mr. Pete watching the game (:

hi.jpghello (:

osu.jpgO.S.U    C.O.W.B.O.Y.S!

light.jpghorrible restaurant lighting, but worth documenting.
The lovely ladies of the trip – so fun <3.

water.jpgpeace <3.

sun.jpgmy fav <3.

We’re so blessed we get to do some traveling, even if its not always far away.
It’s 100% better when you have awesome people to share adventures with <3.