An Open Letter to my Grandma

It’s October, one of your favorite months.
Fitting how God took you home today … I can only imagine heavens autumn.
This time of year makes me cherish your Fall love affair, I feel close to you as the leaves change.
I think of you every time I smell autumn scented candles, or see a big pile of delightful pumpkins.
I can picture you strolling up and down the grocery store isles, filling your cart with ingredients;
“it’s finally tolerable oven weather”, you’d say.
Dad caught a cold last week;
I’m sure making his get well custard would’ve kicked off your baking season.
You’d have every window open,
so you could feel the heavy humid air transform to a freshly light atmosphere.
How you absorbed Fall, it reenergized you from the brutal heat of summer.
I miss seeing you light up when the seasons changed;
you’re excitement for the holiday events right around the corner was contagious!
How I wish I saw life then, the way I do now … I wouldn’t have assumed so much.
Somehow you always knew I’d find my way,
it breaks my heart you can’t see me finally living your advice.
I didn’t visit you often enough, silly young Angela,
how my worries consumed me then, seems like such a waste of time today.
A particular visit with you stands out to me always.
We ate ice cream, you told me you were proud of me, we prayed together,
and I remember thinking, I’ll never forget this moment with her.
Somewhere in the details of that visit, I knew you believed in me,
and even forgave me for not being the perfect granddaughter, without me even asking.
To be named after you is my life’s greatest honor.
You loved me freely, expecting nothing in return. Thank you for loving me imperfections and all.
Going back in time isn’t an option,
but I’ve matured and can’t thank you enough for your gentle approach on advice.
Grandma your way of delicately giving wisdom just by living was such a gift.
Even though you’re physically no longer here, I’m still learning from you,
thanks to my treasured memories of the most wonderful woman I’ve ever known.
How traditions, nature and family were some of your main life ingredients.
Your relationship with God made you see the world in such a beautiful light.
Always willing to listen, never stopped observing and to love immeasurably, I’ll forever strive to perfect, just like you had.
You were always there, for my happiest moments and during my hardest valleys.
I miss you so much and the lovely Christian woman you were,
the time I was gifted with you has eternally blessed my life.
You’ll forever be in my thoughts and heart, you’re my sweet October <3.


Grandmas Wedding


5 Comments to “An Open Letter to my Grandma”

  1. Beautiful tribute to an incredible lady that I wish I’d known.

  2. This is so beautiful. Take heart Dear One, she would be so very proud of the woman you’ve become. I’m glad you posted her picture, she was absolutely lovely and I can see you in her.

  3. So beautiful, sister! Brought tears to my eyes. What a great woman she was and you have become.

  4. Thank you sweet ladies so much! I wrote this after work yesterday, and really wanted to post it on her eternal birthday. I didn’t have time to search for pictures. Hoping I can gather some up over October and post more of her <3. She would've loved all of you – she was truly one of a kind <3. Your kind words mean the world to me – thank you thank you thank!

  5. Beautifully, perfectly put. You gave a crystal clear vision of what it was to spend time with her. I can only imagine myself how overjoyed she would be to see you now. When I think of heaven I picture her there greeting each of us as we arrive with her huge smile and her wide open arms happily exclaiming, “I’m SO happy to see you dawling! Come. Let’s sit, tell me…” Makes death even sweeter somehow (not meaning to be morbid) She will blink her eyes and we will be there. She was so special….:). LOVED your message!!!

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