Photo Shoot #6

My dear friend Nicole.
She was such a trooper for this photoshoot!
Did I mentioned, girl can model?

waterfall.jpgbeautiful <3.

sun.jpgmy sweet friend sitting in the perfect light <3.

ring.jpgcollege graduate – congrats!

sittin.jpgsittin pretty <3.

wolfeyes.jpgwolf eyes – gorgeous!


boooots.jpgmakes balancing on that skinny rock ledge look effortless – she’s a natural <3.

prettty.jpgdetails <3.


craycrayeyes.jpginsanely awesome!

laughbw1.jpgmy fav <3.

Thank you friend for an awesome shoot,
and for reading my silly blog (;
You’re truly a treasure in my life ❤



2 Comments to “Photo Shoot #6”

  1. I was just creepin on your blog!!! I love each and every one of your pictures! oh and just fyi you and brett are like the cutest couple EVER;)

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