Texas Cowboys

We kicked off football season flying to Houston, TX to cheer on the OSU Cowboys!
Their first game was a victory against Mississippi State in Reliant Stadium.
Breaking in my new zoom lens was a blast! Thank you Mr. <3.

PP.jpg… the gang (:

We hoped in our rentals and cruised to Galveston, TX for a weekend of fun!
We celebrated Dave’s birthday, and the Cowboys win, of course (:
Eating frozen yogurt, hunting down my dream t-shirt,
and playing like kids at Pleasure Pier were just a few of our favorite events.

pokes.jpgorange pride (:

swing.jpgMark & Ann – sweethearts <3.

fun.jpgWe sure did!

funny.jpgI’m setting my pride aside, and putting this on the www – I was terrified!

4RS.jpgthe 4 rockstars!
So blessed we get to experience cool getaways with you two <3.
You + Us = always a fun time!

lights.jpgpier life <3.

pookes.jpggo pokes!

boarddthe board (:

field.jpgwarming up!

pete.jpg… Mr. Pete watching the game (:

hi.jpghello (:

osu.jpgO.S.U    C.O.W.B.O.Y.S!

light.jpghorrible restaurant lighting, but worth documenting.
The lovely ladies of the trip – so fun <3.

water.jpgpeace <3.

sun.jpgmy fav <3.

We’re so blessed we get to do some traveling, even if its not always far away.
It’s 100% better when you have awesome people to share adventures with <3.



4 Comments to “Texas Cowboys”

  1. Love the pics and especially the one of you holding the one of you guys on the roller coaster. So fun!

  2. You got some really great shots!!! I am impressed! Looks like a fun time!

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