Sleepover Diaries


We started the movie Brave, but it was scary, so we switched to Toy Story 3 <3.

To say you loved your Disney cups would be an understatement,
we filled them with gatorade & chocolate milk <3.

Amelia & I baked a peanut butter, chocolate oreo, get well cake for Uncle Ubbs –
Little A smashed the oreos and mixed the coolwhip with pudding mix <3.


Amelia gave Winston lots of hugs and snuggles <3.

Marley wanted to watch SpongeBob Square Pants nonstop,
but was sweet enough to let his sister squeeze in some Strawberry Shortcake <3.


Uncle Ubbs had just had knee surgery, so we watched far too much tv <3.

A priceless moment was you two snuggling up to Uncle Ubbs, playing on the IPad in bed <3.


Marley & Amelia wanted to cuddle on the sofa with Auntie A at one point – kinda made my day <3.

Amelia would go ask Uncle Ubbs if he needed anything for me, and was such a trooper <3.


You slept in our room on the floor, and when Marley woke up scared,
Amelia cuddled him back to sleep – so so sweet <3.

Amelia ate Auntie A’s burnt pancake and when I asked her how it was
she said “It was kind of good?” – bless her heart <3.


You both wanted a snack …
Auntie A: Would you like some grapes?
A&M: nooooo
Auntie A: Would you like some leftovers?
A&M: nooooo
Auntie A: What would you like?
A: candy or goldfish?
Auntie A: nooooo
A: I guess I’ll have some grapes, if I have chocolate milk to drink
Auntie A: deal <3.


At one point I was helping Uncle Ubbs, and I heard screaming.
I dashed out to the living room to see Marley sitting on Amelia’s head – 1st time out with Auntie A ):

Marley killing it on a tracker memory game – it was shocking how good he was <3.

Amelia & Marley always putting their dishes in the sink when their done – crazy awesome <3.


Taking off Uncle Ubbs bandage – the looks on their faces! <3.

We played with sticker books, Marley was all about them <3.

Amelia telling me stories about her friends – very sweet <3.

I woke up a couple times in the night, and Marley was sleeping ½ in the closet – poor guy <3.


It was a quick sleepover, and we couldn’t really plan anything fun with Uncle Ubbs not being 100%,
but having you two around was the best medicine for him.
I know we can’t shelter you from the world, but know you have many supporters,
who love you wholeheartedly.
We’ll always be here for you, cheering you on to conquer the world & discover your dreams.
Stay confident, adventurous and loving,
you deserve the best forever & always sweethearts <3.

xo/Auntie A



3 Comments to “Sleepover Diaries”

  1. OH Man!! I ❤ this!!!!!! Those kids LOVE their Auntie and Uncle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What a super fun time!

  3. Auntie A and Uncle Ubbs— making some wonderful memories. These are terrific pix, as always! Love, Dee

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