Jungle Shower


 On a perfect autumn morning, in a cozy home, jammed with beautiful Godly women,
my dear friend Christina was showered in love & support.


I heard the most affectionate prayers;
you could feel their love for the Lord & Christina’s growing family in each word.

She’s surrounded by the loveliest Christian women,
eager to watch & help the new parents on the exciting adventure of parenthood.


Ladies can be downright cruel with jealousy, comparison and entitlement.
There wasn’t an ounce of that in the air.


Witnessing these ladies pray over my friend, talk so positively
& giving more than they took from one another was energizing.


I could see Christina’s gratitude for having this powerful circle of love, encouragement
and faith in her life.

It was a delightful baby shower; leaving with a smile was the only option.
I’m so excited for my sweet friend’s little family <3.



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