Jack-O’-Lanterns Native Land

Fellow photographers were taking captures left and right of kids, pumpkins, animals
and anything else that might make a good filler picture in their Halloween scrapbook!
Made my heart skip a beat seeing so many other cameras (:
I take way too many pictures; pretty sure there is a camera around my neck 85% of the time?
Sometimes I take hundreds of pictures in a setting; at times 1 or 2 and choose to just be in the moment.
This was one of those special occasions, were I was able to soak up the memories
and take lots of captures <3.

cuttie.jpgsweet boy <3.

mini.jpgmini’s <3.

pretty.jpgmy pumkin’ <3.

small.jpghe loved the small pumpkins <3.

baby.jpgbaby hog (;

pinkpony.jpgI had to make this photo pink (pumpkins favorite color),
so she’d be riding a pink pony <3.

mar.jpgpumpkin explorer <3.


watch.jpgjust watching <3.

jump.jpgjump jump!

outhouselove it <3.


socute.jpgthe most beautiful little girl ever <3.


We missed Brett & Jackson, but made the best of it.
It means so much, that I can spend time with Brett’s family, even when he’s working.
That’s really special to me <3.


This fall weather is calming for the soul.
Have a beautiful weekend <3.


4 Comments to “Jack-O’-Lanterns Native Land”

  1. Such great photos. What a fun filled time!!

  2. Angela, these are ALL fabulous pictures — I love them!

  3. Oh my goodness I love these pictures! Great idea in the cornfield!!!

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