Sweet Celebration








I’ve looked up to a handful of women in my life; one of those ladies is my mother-in-law.
Knowing what she wants, but happy & eager to put others first,
places her at the very top of my “most beautiful people I know” list.
I simply adore her, you can’t help but want to be a better person when around her.






Something I’ve observed is how she never complains,
and manages her time to get everything done with a smile.
Loving Jesus, cooking, cleaning, working full-time, exercising, always put together, constantly there for her loved ones
are all done with a magical finesse very few women possess.

002 (3)


2008-2009 048
I love hearing about her mom & dad,
she’s proud of them for being good examples, her & her siblings could observe.
They instilled powerful morals in her, like honesty, patience & selflessness;
that she demonstrates daily to her children & grandkids.
I respect my MIL for always wanting to do what’s right, and raising positive, kindhearted kids.

2008-2009 158

***014 (14)

She loves her husband to the moon and back –  their love story is so refreshing <3.
Constantly willing to go with the flow, makes her spontaneously classic,
and the perfect match for Dave.
She has the most kindred spirit and such a peaceful presence.






Zumba, sewing, painting, singing, dog walking, camping, OSU football watching, traveling, and
beautiful jewelry making are just a handful of her interests.
Soaking up knowledge empowers her, and always willing to try something new describes her.
How she’s the perfect balance of strong, but never overpowering makes her the perfect lady.



Watching her pour out compassion to her husband, kids, grandkids and animals is moving.
She truly has the sweetest soul and deserves everything lovely in her journey.
Melanie, we hope your birthday is incredible, just like you sweet lady.
Knowing you has been such blessing in my life, and I love seeing God’s light shine through you.
We love you so much and can’t thank you enough for being such an example of grace, love and humility <3.






3 Comments to “Sweet Celebration”

  1. Lovely! What an awesome example!!

  2. Beautiful tribute sister!!! And happy birthday momma!

  3. Sweet tribute to a beautiful lady. Love the pics. Happy belated Melanie. Hope it was an awesome day!

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