This & That – Phone Snaps

Documenting the adventure,
below are a few phone snaps I took, just to capture the moment <3.

Picture 141Amelia wanted to a be a gypsy for Halloween … like Auntie A (:

Picture 157I got to spend two evenings in a row hanging with my oldest friend in the world, we didn’t take any pictures to prove it,
but her son showed me tons of new things on my IPhone – made me feel so old!
Love my new background(s) Jare (:

Picture 155been drinking green tea, can only handle it with flavor …

Picture 139I thought drinking green tea would keep me healthy – I was wrong ):

Picture 152my sweeties <3.

Picture 151happy hour with co-workers … I couldn’t do it ):

Picture 153they were cuddling so sweet!

Picture 150my baby <3.

Picture 154new cubicle decor by Little A (:

Picture 148the most beautiful day to walk to lunch <3.

Picture 145trying out a new coffee shop – so yummy!

Picture 142he wanted to be a gypsy like sister for about 30 secs (;

Picture 143Brett’s friend Ryan turned the big 3-0!

Picture 130lunch outside – yes please (:

Picture 132this bird hit our office window so hard it left a dust outline …
it knocked the bird out for about 15 minutes, but it ended up flying away!

Picture 134I’m not a cat person, but this was a very sweet kitten <3.

All photos taken with my IPhone (:



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