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November 14, 2013

Photo Shoot #7

A couple weekends ago, I got to take pictures of my good friends family.
It’s crazy to see my friends as parents … and really good parents at that!
Not that I doubted they’d be good parents, but to see how natural it comes to them melts my heart <3.

sunshine.jpgthe love <3.

boys.jpgdaddy & baby <3.

famsunshineLove this family <3.

water2.jpglittle waterbug <3.

rockbaby.jpg… and rock climber (:

PARK.JPGbeautiful day at the park <3.

photoshoot11.jpgI love how they are looking at him <3.

waterlook.jpgwater gazing <3.

bwsunny.jpggot them all looking at the camera – yay!

handsuna little walk to soak up the sun <3.


kisses.jpgwater not kisses – lol! I love it (:

photoshoot8.jpghello (:

photoshoot2.jpguntil next time!


A quick coffee afterwards to catch up made the morning perfect <3.