Birthday Celebration Uno

painting.jpgmy painting …

My birthday celebrations began with my oldest, bestest friend in the world
taking me to my most favorite place ever, Pinot’s Palette <3.
I believe we have a birthday tradition developing!

friend.jpgshe looks gorgeous as always, I had experienced a very long day at work,
5 minutes into our ladies night, all my worries vanished – really great friends have a way of doing that (:

paint.jpg… sweetest human being alive <3.

After painting, Rachel treated me to a late dinner where we stayed up past our bedtimes chatting the night away!
It was like the old days where midnight was our 9 o’clock.
I have so many priceless memories with this girl, memories that go all the way back to 2nd grade <3.

rink.jpgyum <3.

painters.jpgThank you for such a fun evening friend!
You & your family are one of my greatest life blessings from the Man upstairs <3.



5 Comments to “Birthday Celebration Uno”

  1. What a beautiful friendship and lovely art!!!

  2. You and Rachel are getting better and better with your paintings. Beautiful friendship and beautiful ladies!

  3. Awe your paintings are so pretty:) That looks like a fun place!!!

  4. You are the best and I love ALL of your posts! I am so happy I got to spend your bday with you! I had so much fun! 🙂 you are one of my favorite blessings.

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