Birthday Celebration Dos

People say you can change yourself, improve imperfections.
My thoughts have only seen negativity, when thinking about my anxiety.
It’s been a grey chunk of my heart, one of my biggest flaws.
My viewpoint is changing, a new direction is emerging.
I believe God made my heart slightly melancholy, so I can appreciate gratitude on a different level.
Turning 29 was hard for me, not because of the number,
but because this is the happiest I’ve been in my entire life.
That scares me … the thought of change or something being taken away from me.
I wouldn’t be so happy, if I wasn’t a little scared.
It’s how He made me, and that’s in His image, so I’m embracing it <3.

bird.jpgThank you Debbie for my birthday lunch <3.

us.jpgMr. joined us <3. 


cars.jpglove love love flowers &  birthday cards <3.



Hopefully, I’ll get through documenting my birthday celebrations,
before my birthday month comes to an end.



One Comment to “Birthday Celebration Dos”

  1. never stop writing!

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