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January 14, 2014


“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.”
Hebrews 11:1


“Do to others as you would have them do to you.”
Luke 6:31
“Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.”
1 Peter 4:8
“The Lord is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation.”
Psalm 118:14
hugs & blessings,
January 12, 2014

Gimp Thoughts

Haven’t been up to very much, wearing this boot has put a limit on just about everything.
Wear good shoes people, bunions are zero fun, and the surgery is a long healing process.
I must say God is constantly reminding me of the importance to humbly accept help from others.
Honestly, it’s easier to offer support, because it makes you feel good,
but to openly accept aid from people is a step in defeating pride.
I greatly appreciate the sweetness I’ve received from family, friends and co-workers
during the past few weeks <3.
paint.jpgI haven’t really gotten to shift this little blog to its new direction being temporarily gimp.
I miss photo walks, and until I can take them again…
I guess my ramblings will have to do (:
So here is a little update of life lately.
stuff.jpgSince my dad’s heart surgery, we’ve all been teaming together to improve our health.
Dad & I are limited exercise wise, so a healthy diet, has been our goal.
Not a crash diet, but a lifestyle change.
Brett’s been developing our 2014 garden expansion.
I ordered some healthy cookbooks on Amazon,
eager to prepare meals with truly organic produce from our very own backyard.
Also, ordered some frames for my paintings, stoked to get them on the wall.
Been snapping pictures of the boys with one of my Christmas gifts,
a polaroid camera has been a dream of mine forever.
Watching food documentaries, reading up on how food is the best medicine, and praying about new opportunities are just a few other things this gimp (nicknamed bootsie) has been doing in her downtime.

Hope this post finds you having a blessed new year <3.

Be well,

January 3, 2014

Whole-HEART-ed Faith


Thankfulness fills my heart, I never reached panic as an emotion.
There was no heart attack, events weren’t exactly planned, but everything felt controlled.
I can’t emphasize the strength not feeling panic gifted me – thank you Lord <3.
Emotions of worry, surprise, gratitude and humbleness floated inside my entire body.
Human nature worry, the kind you can only control with help from your Father above.
Surprised by reaching the point of maybe we’re over reacting …
to praise the Lord you listened to your body dad.
Gratitude for the people & findings, that would stretch over 100 pages if I wrote them all out.
Forever grateful it was fixable,
and I was able to hold his hand, kiss his forehead.
Humbleness to witness the power of prayer and how badly I’ve taken my health for granted.
My mind and heart have been racing, impossible to write it all down …
I believe some feelings are meant to stay inside of you, become you.
I’m sure they’ll emerge someday, even if not in words – I’m still processing.


After updates had been sent to family & friends, and I had remembered we needed to eat …
there were moments of pure reflection.
Have I been a very good daughter?
Is justifying a donut because it tastes good a sin?
Do the people I love and adore know?
What am I changing from this experience going forward?
Then tears would come, then a smile – it was such a jungle of mixed memories, views,
and the realization that worrying over plans that might never come to life, seems like such a waste.
I allow anxiety and worry to run certain aspects of my life,
that’s lack of faith, and I’m so ashamed.
My dad going through this exposed me to myself.
Below are a few shortcomings at the top of the list:
1. Eating junk, because it tastes good isn’t worth my health.
Honestly, I think it’s sinful to abuse the body God gave me filling it with garbage.
2. I cannot live my life worrying about tomorrow,
I’ve wasted part of today on something I’m not even promised.
3. I have to be just as open to receive help from others,
as to give help to others.


Just as all that was settling in, I was reminded even more.
We went to church that Sunday, and what did the Pastor preach about Exodus 16: Manna and Quail!
Talk about feeling convicted about your faith,
then the Lord using His messengers to show you exactly in the Bible where you needed to read.
To sum up Exodus 16-20 the best I can …
The Israelites had set out from Elim to the Desert of Sin. While in the desert the entire community grumbled against Moses & Aaron, saying they were starving to death. So the Lord told Moses He would rain down bread from heaven for them to eat, but they must have faith and only gather enough for one day, no more. Moses specifically tells the Israelites to not keep any bread until morning, that God would provide for them daily.  However, some of them ignored him and tried to stock up, but when they woke up it was full of maggots and smelled bad.


It’s embarrassing to admit the stress I create within over having enough for the future.
And I’m not even in a desert starving ):
It’s okay to be responsible and ready,
but to let it break away at my faith is so wrong.
To not tithe or help others in need, because I must have enough for me isn’t trusting in God.
Just when I think I’m on track and improving, I’m reminded of where else I can grow.
I know I’ll fall down again,
I also know He’ll pick me back up,even when I forget.
Thank you Jesus for my dad,
thank you for his healthy heart,
thank you for the message in his heart journey,
and thank you for never giving up on me.


January 1, 2014

Two Thousand Thirteen

I greeted 2013 with strep throat.
Brett made the most of it by picking up some flowers, bubbly & poppers.
Love that about him – always knows how to make me smile.
We celebrated Brett’s birthday with our favorite people.
I traveled to Colorado to visit my best friend from high school, Cassi.
She is the bestest host ever, and hands down the cutest pregnant lady I’ve ever seen.
I only have a few IPhone pics to prove I went to CO, because I lost my camera … again ):
nye3.jpg cake2.jpgaac.jpg

Brett surprised me with a new camera for Valentine’s Day!
I didn’t deserve it; I’m so unorganized – Mr. is forgiving.
Several mini photo shoots were a must to break in my new toy.
Pumkin’ (our niece) turned 4 years old <3.
Mr. & I went to an OSU basketball tournament with his parents in Stilly.
The highlight of February was Brett qualifying for his job,
so incredibly proud of him! Thank you Lord for this opportunity <3.

4A.jpgMA95 LJ6.jpg jess2.jpg OSU.jpg

One of my best friends and I took a day trip to the city for some MaryKay training, adore her.
I won a photography e-course, thanks to Tammy of Rowdy Kittens!
I spent the month of March taking tons of captures of just about everything <3.
Two of my dearest friends welcomed babies (Charlotte & Grayson)

Us.jpg street.jpg 728 CC.jpg flower2.jpg sunset2.jpg

We welcomed our local Farmers Market – my favorite!
De-winterized Shady (our camper) for our first 2013 camping trip (:
Marley (our nephew) turned 2  <3.
I did my 4th photo shoot of my co-workers grandkids – so fun!
587 colortunnel sunrise.jpg M.jpg farmhouse.jpg

I started cooking out of the blue … and healthy cooking at that.
We took advantage of pretty weather with lots of walks.
Mr. & I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary <3.
Our state was hit hard by the tornado in Moore, OK

1D3_2608.CR2 pinkflower.jpg weggie veggie.jpg us.jpg moore

We celebrated 4 years of wedding bliss (and hardships) in Cabo!
Hosted a Father’s Day BBQ to break in our new deck <3.
Brett’s garden took off!
My best friend Rach let me take pictures of her beautiful roses,
for my photography ecourse.
She also braved zumba in the park with me!

roses.jpg arch.jpg bw.jpg uspool garden2.jpg basket.jpg

Took a little break from blogging to just enjoy summer.
Went camping, enjoyed the garden.
Did some soul-searching & took quite a few pictures.
God is good <3.
macro.jpg produce.jpg Lion2.jpg spark.jpg fireworks.jpg

I participated in The August Break,
a 30 day photo challenge – it was pure awesome!
Brett & I braved Route 66.
Had a blast camping at the river with Brett’s family
We ventured to Red River, New Mexico with my Dad & Pam-la for a trip of a life time.
yum.jpg play.jpg movie.jpg smile.jpg trees.jpg sunset.jpg earthsh.jpg

Mr. & I started drinking coffee.
Brett had acl knee surgery – bless his heart <3.
Auntie A & Uncle Ubbs had our very first sleep over with the niece and nephew.
While Brett was recovery, I edited tons and tons of pictures.
We made salsa, pasta/pizza sauce and meals with produce from our garden!

yum.jpg brushee.jpg gimp.jpg boys.jpg

I did two photoshoots
We ventured to Houston, TX with Brett’s parents to watch the OSU Cowboys
play their first football game of the season.
I took a trip to the city with Dad & Pam-la <3.
I did my first corn field maze.
My dear friend had the sweetest baby shower.
I took Brett to his first Food Truck Wednesday!

waterfall.jpg basss.jpg bud.jpg pookes.jpg sun.jpg glasses.jpg truck.jpg beautiful.jpg dreams.jpg

Started making our own chemical free lotion
Visited Brett’s sisters family on a camping trip
Did lots of lunches & walking – drank lots of coffee
Did my final photoshoot of the year
Got sick several times ):
Celebrated my last birthday in my twenties <3.
Thanksgiving in Branson with my dad & Pam-la!
lotion.jpg lake.jpg laughter.jpg Picture 139 Picture 145 bwsunny.jpg eening.jpghello.jpg


Difficult month, but God was beside us the entire time.
I had foot surgery
Pam’s Annual Cookie Exchange Party
Rhema lights with dear friends.
For a moment I didn’t think Christmas was coming this year.
My dad had unplanned major heart surgery.
Then it happened, God gently reminded me of the true meaning of Christmas.
Not gifts, holiday parties, trees, or lights,
but family, faith, togetherness, strength, being humble and trusting in Him.
us.jpg spread.jpg lunch.jpg dadandme.jpg
006 1141 671 988 1042 1072 1123

I wrote this very quickly this morning just as a wrap-up.
I know I’ve missed so many details and even major events,
but I wanted to document what I could remember quickly.
Think I need to make it a habit to do this at the end of every month going forward.
I’m soooo excited about this fresh New Year!!
Brett & I have prayed for God’s direction in our lives,
and I’m hoping some changes will come about in 2014.

God bless,