Gimp Thoughts

Haven’t been up to very much, wearing this boot has put a limit on just about everything.
Wear good shoes people, bunions are zero fun, and the surgery is a long healing process.
I must say God is constantly reminding me of the importance to humbly accept help from others.
Honestly, it’s easier to offer support, because it makes you feel good,
but to openly accept aid from people is a step in defeating pride.
I greatly appreciate the sweetness I’ve received from family, friends and co-workers
during the past few weeks <3.
paint.jpgI haven’t really gotten to shift this little blog to its new direction being temporarily gimp.
I miss photo walks, and until I can take them again…
I guess my ramblings will have to do (:
So here is a little update of life lately.
stuff.jpgSince my dad’s heart surgery, we’ve all been teaming together to improve our health.
Dad & I are limited exercise wise, so a healthy diet, has been our goal.
Not a crash diet, but a lifestyle change.
Brett’s been developing our 2014 garden expansion.
I ordered some healthy cookbooks on Amazon,
eager to prepare meals with truly organic produce from our very own backyard.
Also, ordered some frames for my paintings, stoked to get them on the wall.
Been snapping pictures of the boys with one of my Christmas gifts,
a polaroid camera has been a dream of mine forever.
Watching food documentaries, reading up on how food is the best medicine, and praying about new opportunities are just a few other things this gimp (nicknamed bootsie) has been doing in her downtime.

Hope this post finds you having a blessed new year <3.

Be well,


2 Comments to “Gimp Thoughts”

  1. Love how you set up the pictures on the deck. So creative and cute!

  2. Thank you and the best to you and your loved ones!

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