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November 4, 2013

Visiting in Nature

A couple captures from a fun visit at a pretty lake <3.

lake.jpgpure awesome campsite view <3.

camp.jpgnatures match <3.


pretty.jpgmy favorite girl <3.

natureboy.jpgmy favorite boy <3.



rock.jpgI loved this rock (:


laughter.jpgmelts my heart <3.

“There’s nothing that makes you more insane than family.
Or more happy. Or more exasperated. Or more… secure.”
– Jim Butcher

September 27, 2013

Travels to Red River, NM – Chapter 5

heart.jpgI see hearts everywhere …
how cool is this?!

two.jpgyou & me <3.

bonfire.jpg… memorable bonfires <3.

pic.jpgmy inspiration (:

lovely.jpglovely flowers everywhere!

neat.jpg… exploring Eaglenest, NM

dinner.jpgthe food was yummy at the steakhouse in Red River,
but the restaurant lighting was horrible for pictures!

campground.jpgcampground <3.

creep.jpgI know kinda creepy cool – ha ha (:

walk.jpgwe took lots of walks <3.

brett.jpgokay, words out – we sold everything & opened a bistro in Red River!
I kid I kid (:


Way behind on blogging & editing pictures –  broken record.
I wanted to wrap up our Red River trip … “This and That” style (:
Pure awesome trip with some of my favs <3.

Enjoy your weekend!


September 18, 2013

Travels to Red River, NM – Chapter 4

I’m not a big fan of heights, but Brett suggested we take the ski lift to the top of the mountain,
for some amazing picture opportunities.
It ended up being one of the most fun things I did on the trip (:

lift.jpggoing up!

friendbrett making friends (:

MT.JPGat the very top <3.

4.jpgthe fab 4 (:

liift.jpg… another going up picture –
the dirt trail is for walking up the mountain, if you’re in crazy good shape!

bud.jpg… how they transfer items up & down the mountain for the little restaurant at the top!
clever (;

us.jpg… so happy he encouraged me to take the lift (:

I’m currently very behind on blogging, but I know I’ll catch up.
I have a couple more days of Red River editing, then I can start documenting more current events.
Our trip to New Mexico was pure awesome, and I want to make sure I capture the details!
I love going back and reading about past trips.
1/2 through the week people <3.


September 16, 2013

Travels to Red River, NM – Chapter 3


We made a day trip to Taos, NM to walk the towns’ artsy sidewalks,
tour earthships in person and eat lunch at the famous Michael’s Kitchen.



It was a sweet day full of sunshine and freshly squeezed watermelon juice.
Local artwork was displayed in charming galleries,
making me eager to develop prints of my own photography to hang throughout our home <3.


shopping.jpgbeautiful flower gardens everywhere!

taos.jpgdad & pam-la (:

pig.jpgfun shopping (:

Brett & I were so excited to walk through an earthship,
taking mental notes the entire time of details to include in our future home.


tire.jpgearthship wall – all recycled materials (:

earthsh.jpgsustainable living – water, heat, cool, greenhouse, etc.

green.jpgdad & pam-la in the greenhouse (:

shhip.jpg… another earthship being built (:

Some of my favorite moments where driving in the car.
Dad & Pam are always listening to my crazy ideas, and give wholehearted advice.
We really admire and look up to them <3.


Editing is coming along slowing. I’m taking care of Mr. who recently had knee surgery.
He is doing really well, but being a nurse is a 24/7 job!
Hope this finds you having a blessed day <3.


Did I mentioned we spotted a bear and her cubs in someone’s backyard,
between Taos & Eaglenest!!


September 12, 2013

Travels to Red River, NM – Chapter 2

After reaching the mountains that were in the far distance the day before,
we instantly rolled down all the truck windows to breathe in the fresh mountain air.
The winding road gave us breathtaking views of the cliffs, and a crystal clear river flowed beside us for miles.
The historic marker where we pulled over was our first taste of pure mountain scenery,
giving our spirits an extra dose of energy <3.

cliff.jpg… pure awesome!

creeeek.jpgtree branches & smooth rocks going for a crisp swim <3.

cameras.jpgnatures paparazzi (:

sky.jpgNew Mexico has the prettiest clouds
hands down <3.

break.jpgphoto credit: my dad (:

nmriver.jpgraw peacefulness at a whole new level <3.

We pulled the rigs over by a lovely meadow overlooking Eaglenest, NM.
Knowing we were getting super close to Red River was so exciting!
After snapping a few pictures, we headed down a steep hill to our home away from home (:

rigs.jpgcomfort camping (:

flowers.jpgvery welcoming <3.

boys.jpgBrett made a bed for the boys in the back seat.
They still wanted to ride shotgun with mommy (:
I love how Gim blinked in this photo & Winston’s fur face it all wind blown.

babe.jpgI got you babe (:

The campsites in Red River, backed up to a little river filled with trout, ducks, muskrats, and people fishing (:
Everyone was super friendly, creating a community of happy campers.
Dad & Brett backed into our rustic spots like pros, and somehow got our trailers level.
We nestled in – then headed straight to town to find items we forgot, shop for the perfect souvenirs & find snacks.

fun.jpgSo happy we got to experience it with Dad & Pam-la (:
I’m blessed my dad introduced me to the inspiring world of travel.
Feeling very fortunate I got to take this trip with him as an adult,
so he could witness the travelers spirit he helped mold.

Red River was an adorable little ski town with the cutest boutiques.
We sipped on milkshakes and walked slowly to adjust to the high altitude.
The first night we sat under a clear sky filled with glowing clouds
and a bright full moon, as our campfire kept us cozy.
We all went to bed, super eager to wake up and fully explore our new surroundings <3.

me.jpg… Brett & Pam-la made sure I got in some photos (:


I took soooooo many pictures! It’s so much fun looking back through them (:
Hoping to finish up my editing next week & documenting the rest <3.

xo/ angela

September 10, 2013

Travels to Red River, NM – Chapter 1

Brett & I both spent our childhoods camping with our families.
My dad has always been an explorer who filled my summer vacations road tripping to national/state parks.
Brett grew up in a lake town, and spent his weekends camping & boating to his heart’s content.
The day we purchased Shady I was thrilled to combine our camping experiences, and make new memories together <3.

We’ve visited several local campgrounds,
but our 6 day adventure to Red River, NM is our furthest to date, and was truly unforgettable.
We got an early start that turned into a late start when Brett & I couldn’t get to our meeting spot on time.
Then I received a phone call from my dad saying he forgot his wallet, and was making an hour roundtrip to retrieve it.
This worked out perfect, I visited Wally-World to pick up a few things and get organized before hitting the highway.

 NMexico.jpgOne of my favorite pictures from the trip (:
Dad & Pam-la in New Mexico,
we’re still in Oklahoma directly behind them <3.

roadtrippin2.jpgroadtrippin’ selfie (:

Dad & Pam-la supplied walkie-talkies making communication a breeze.
We pumped gas at truckstops, searched for fun cloud shapes in the sky &
traveled an open highway decorated with wild sunflowers.
Keeping our eyes peeled for wild animals, unique road signs, and anything else that might catch one’s fancy,
made the peaceful stretch of road entertaining.
After a long day of driving my dads trusty, paper maps led us straight to the KOA in Clayton, NM to sleepover (:

An early night to bed, we woke up and took a stroll around the campground.
The boys loved all the new smells and my camera enjoyed capturing the pretty surroundings.

morning.jpgearly morning <3.

men.jpgI have the best men in my life <3.

trucks.jpgon the road (:

painting.jpgpretty building painting in Clayton, NM

Our first official pit stop was in Springer, NM at the old courthouse.
We stretched our road legs walking through the old building, and climbing stairs to view their historic collection.
The two volunteers were super sweet ladies, who beamed with excitement telling us old stories.
It was an unplanned stop, that four travelers will forever treasure <3.

courthouse.jpg… the old courthouse museum of Springer, NM



dadd.jpgdad got locked up (;

shoes.jpgyes, this is real. The shoe of the worlds tallest man!

proof.jpgproof (:

yikes.jpgThis was up in the attic … walking those stairs was creepy!

 chair.jpgthis was a first for me – never seen a real electric chair before!

museum.jpgbeautiful day <3.


Dad & Pam were the best travel buddies <3.
Unfortunately, we wont be able to make long trips with them every year, making this one extra special.
I can’t wait to finished editing my pictures, and can’t thank my dad enough for planning a once in a lifetime getaway.


September 6, 2013

River Adventure


Brett’s parents, he’s sister’s crew & ourselves spent 2.5 days welcoming August at the river.
It was a relaxed weekend spent floating the river, bonfires, good music, exploring, cloud gazing, fishing
and staring into space, satellite hunting through a blanket of stars.
Slade, one of Brett’s best buds, brought his family out one night for dinner.
We all loved every minute of it, and it’s for sure a trip to go down in the books as splendid.
Brett & I feel so fortune to live within a 30 minute radius of our families.
I love that we’re all close and get to take these weekend escapes.
I’m looking forward to making “river weekend” a yearly family & friends tradition <3.

brreakfast.jpgbreakfast (:

mil.jpg Jorge the small one eyed minion from Despicable Me 2!

sweet.jpgbest buds (:

crew.jpgriver family (:


us.jpga couple happy campers <3.

rivver.jpglovely <3.

creekk.jpgPumkin’ & Pops (:

point.jpg… just fishin’

love.jpgawesome weather!

Marley.jpgmud pies!

creek.jpgcreek cuties <3.



I’m so lucky I married a man with such a groovy family.
I love them to pieces and feel so incredibly blessed we all have eachother <3.

“Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.”
Michael J. Fox


April 23, 2013

1st Camp.


We took Shady (our little camper) out this past weekend to de-winterize him for summertime! The weather was perfect & everything is starting to bloom – paradisaical bliss <3.

We went on several walks, played horseshoes & just soaked in the sun. It was the ideal trip to kick-off camping season.

Feeling my anxiety drift away, was so uplifting. I’m feeling refreshed and ready to take on the week!


 *** *** ***


*** *** ***



July 5, 2012

Meet Shady

We named our little camper Shady (short for Shadow)

… lovely campsite on a humid morning …

… I may have slept in, and missed the good light, but this still made me smile …

… sunshine …

… sun sparkles …

… evening walks …

It was an eventful weekend of breaking in Dad & Pam-la’s new 5th wheel, a laundry list of random hiccups occurred … but at the end of the day we enjoyed yummy snacks and great company <3. I’m thankful for A/C, great movies, card games & my dad’s guardian angel!

We’re already planning our next adventure, and cant wait to put some fresh miles on our campers (:

Keep smiling,

Hope everyone took some extra days off to enjoy a long & lovely weekend <3.

June 21, 2012


“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon;
to me those have always been the two most beautiful words,
in the English language.”
 – Henry James

… cotton candy sky …

… Bambi …

Isn’t summertime the best <3. Sun-kissed skin, camping, lake trips and fresh pedi’s with girlfriends are just a few of my favorite things (; I’m just completely smitten with this season.

I’m so happy with our little camper, and the neat adventures we’ve been experiencing.

I’m discovering more fulfillment when my energy and purchases go towards things that gift me with memories. You feel an entirely different level of happiness reminiscing past moments, and trust me adventures are more warming than a name-brand handbag. I have so much respect for people who live simple, they are truly rich <3.

… lake days …

Have a lovely weekend <3.