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November 7, 2013

This & That – Phone Snaps

Documenting the adventure,
below are a few phone snaps I took, just to capture the moment <3.

Picture 141Amelia wanted to a be a gypsy for Halloween … like Auntie A (:

Picture 157I got to spend two evenings in a row hanging with my oldest friend in the world, we didn’t take any pictures to prove it,
but her son showed me tons of new things on my IPhone – made me feel so old!
Love my new background(s) Jare (:

Picture 155been drinking green tea, can only handle it with flavor …

Picture 139I thought drinking green tea would keep me healthy – I was wrong ):

Picture 152my sweeties <3.

Picture 151happy hour with co-workers … I couldn’t do it ):

Picture 153they were cuddling so sweet!

Picture 150my baby <3.

Picture 154new cubicle decor by Little A (:

Picture 148the most beautiful day to walk to lunch <3.

Picture 145trying out a new coffee shop – so yummy!

Picture 142he wanted to be a gypsy like sister for about 30 secs (;

Picture 143Brett’s friend Ryan turned the big 3-0!

Picture 130lunch outside – yes please (:

Picture 132this bird hit our office window so hard it left a dust outline …
it knocked the bird out for about 15 minutes, but it ended up flying away!

Picture 134I’m not a cat person, but this was a very sweet kitten <3.

All photos taken with my IPhone (:


June 5, 2013

Instagram Snaps!

Instagram is such a cheerful place for sharing little daily details that put a smile on your face (:

I love how people make light of crazy moments on Instagram.
Like when your puppy gets into the trash or you accidentally spill food on your white shirt.
The trend on captions for photos like those are people laughing at the situation/themselves,
or even better … making their follower’s laugh.

I find that very uplifting and positive <3.

Below are a few of my recent smiles that I couldn’t capture with my big camera.

Picture 054stop kissing me mom!

*** *** ***

Picture 056our garden getting some sun & water <3.

*** *** ***

Picture 060sunset moment!

*** *** ***

Picture 057my pretty cousin turned 18 <3.

*** *** ***

Picture 061best coffee ever – a Friday treat <3.

*** *** ***

Picture 065long walks just take it out of him … old man!

*** *** ***

Picture 066bright summer sky at the park <3.

*** *** ***

Picture 062rooftop lunch with my dad (:

*** *** ***

Picture 068handmade earrings from my friend Rachel (:

*** *** ***

Picture 064… dad had a birthday too!

*** *** ***

Picture 053surprise note from my love <3.

*** *** ***

Picture 052fun double date (:

*** *** ***

Picture 055he deserves it – naughty boy!
no we didn’t (;

*** *** ***

Thank you Instagram for helping me appreciate my camera phone <3.

Keep smiling,