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October 21, 2013

This & That

life lately moments in captures …

cup.jpgtrying really hard to like hot tea, in one of my favorite mugs <3.

van.jpgwhen picking up Shady in the city – we happened upon a car show (:
Thank you Dad & Pam so much!

prettttylunch details in the city <3.

sunset.jpga pretty glimpse <3.

zoom.jpgplaying with my new zoom <3.

coffee.jpgmy other favorite mug & yummy coffee <3.

suun.jpgsunset <3.

deer.jpgSunday family time <3.

camp.jpgsummer camping memories <3.


September 4, 2013

quick hello

IPHONE PICS 183{treat yourself}

The August Break photo challenge was the most fun I’ve had with my camera yet!
I’m forever a different photographer … for the better.
When I was looking, new discoveries glowed throughout my day.

IPHONE PICS 278{August showers brings many flowers}

I have so many August events I wanna document!
It was a busy month filled with moments spent with our favorite people <3.

IPHONE PICS 114{my Winston}

Hopefully, I’ll get my picture editing completed this week.
Shady (our camper) is at the doctor again, full post on that soon!

IPHONE PICS 116{sweet face}

We have a couple mini vacay’s planned to soak up the end of summertime.
Seems like it just flew by …
I’m happy I took it a little slower and savored such a beautiful season.

IPHONE PICS 073{my first Starbucks, before a super fun photoshoot!}

There’s been a constant smile on my face today,
I can’t count all my blessings,
I’m in a good place and thankful for the people I get to share it with,
and my Savior for making it all possible <3.

IPHONE PICS 272{new morning addiction … so yummy!}

Hope this finds YOU having a wonderful day!
Thanks so much for visiting my blog (:

IPHONE PICS 294{never ever forget it}

I’m thinking about a new direction for my blog …
still not 100% sure, but truly enjoyed taking so many captures.


IPHONE PICS 148{I’ve always wanted long legs (; }

July 8, 2013

This & That

Lion2.jpg… the cutest lion handmade by someone in Africa for a “Hand in Hand in Africa” charity bunch <3.

624… after our first  Zumba class … at a park (:

550… found another ❤ on our deck (:

256… new camera strap (:

Picture 072… cool plate & yummy cupcake @ VP’s retirement party at work.

Picture 073… Mexico tequila enjoying the sunshine, loving the deck reflection <3.

Picture 075… keeping my resolution to write more cards <3.

Picture 074… summer country flower arrangement <3.


June 15, 2013

This & That – A Week in Cabo

This is officially my last Cabo post (:
I really wanted to document our trip, it gave us a great opportunity to reflect on a wonderful year.

foodies.jpg… seafood dinner evening <3.


mee.jpg… late night <3.

hat.jpg… invisible (:

poolfun.jpg… the resort was so pretty at night <3.

pool.jpg… morning view at breakfast <3.

spice.jpg…  chopsticks dinner <3.



uspool… infinity pool, ocean waves, pretty lights, love him <3.

puppy.jpg… puppy hello <3.

me.jpg… this is a “what’s left” outfit … I put on “what’s left” that’s clean <3.

resortfountain.jpg… beautiful resort!




us.jpg… dinner time <3.

sunriseresport.jpg… morning walks ❤

oceanme.jpg… proof I overcame my jellyfish fear and got in the ocean <3.


dinnner.jpgA & B <3.

coco.jpg… the Mr. spotted these (:

sushi.jpg… he ordered his first sushi roll!

*** *** ***

Looking forward to a Father’s Day BBQ with our heroes tomorrow <3.
Thanks so much for reading!


June 7, 2013

This & That

… another round-up of some grateful moments captured <3.


… a pretty tile Dad & Pam-la gifted me from their adventure <3. 

*** *** ***


… a fun girls day with my sweet friend Rachel (:

*** *** ***


… my favorite wedding photo in honor of our 4 year wedding anniversary week <3.

*** *** ***


… a fun memory made of dad & I racing to get sunset pictures (:

*** *** ***


… this little cutie soaking up the sun & petting Rachel’s cat, Tinkerbell <3.

*** *** ***