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May 2, 2013

Backyard Bliss.

Dad & Pam-la have the best backyard. It’s private, woodsy but still has that neighborly vibe <3. We always squeeze in a little backyard adventure when visiting.

I’m really looking forward to building our deck. It will be nice to have a sitting area for enjoying our little territory (:


 Pam-la’s flowers <3.
Let’s hope these don’t become a deer snack …


the creek <3.


my new favorite angle – thanks to Tammy (:


… found this alien growing out of a pine tree!


… right before they got a stick and dissected it – ha ha!


a thorn tree – yikes!


Do you have a favorite backyard for exploring? Past or Present?


April 30, 2013

The Market.

One of my favorite Saturday morning *summertime* activities is strolling through the Farmers Market <3.
The fresh produce, colorful picked flowers, organic honey & friendly faces always starts my day off perfectly.
Also, supporting our local farmers & community feels rewarding & cherished.


Looking forward to many more trips to my favorite marketplace – loving summer <3.


We purchased veggie plants for our little garden … wish us luck!




*** *** ***


We chatted with this sweet farmer for 20 minutes & enjoyed all his gardening tips.
(no, we didn’t purchase any)


Farewell April,

April 17, 2013

Front Yard.

Just a few front yard treasures …


… looks like Mother Nature had a spring wedding <3.


*** *** ***


*** *** ***


*** *** ***


When I’m feeling a little overwhelmed, sometimes I just need a little outdoor therapy. I’m the type of person who has to work hard to not let my worries consume me. Photography has helped me focus on all the lovely details surrounding me. Memories take my mind off the things I can’t control. Even when it feels like the world is on my shoulders, I need to remember what a special occasion living in God’s beautiful creation is everyday. I have many senses for experiencing life, and I never want to take those gifts for granted.

I realize I’m still young, but I can’t express how grateful I am for my blessings. I have my battle wounds & personal struggles, but I also have strength from enduring them. God has always inserted the perfect form of support I needed to take on my valleys.

I’m discovering, sometimes, just coming to peace with your conflict is a victory <3.

Shine bright,

November 30, 2012

Live & Laugh

*** *** ***

I think we can all agree … Autumn is simply delicious <3.


My weekend plans: finish up our Christmas shopping (via the internet); bake some holiday treats; 
explode Christmas decorations throughout our home; cheer on the OSU Cowboys & keeping warm in comfy clothes until Monday morning <3.


In Other News:

1. Not quite sure how it developed, but Marla & I had a Twilight watch party. We viewed all 5 movies in 1 day –  I’m slightly embarrassed.

2. I got my hair cut …

3. Breakfast Business Meetings = Genius <3.

4. I love these kids (:


5. ECards always put a smile on my face … always!








Have a fantastic weekend <3.

Keep smiling,


August 9, 2012

Evening Stroll …

… track & field …

Brett and I went for a walk last night and the weather was PERFECT <3. We both kept commenting on how its been staying in the 100’s through 9:30 p.m. most nights! Winston and Gimli were ecstatic, we need to be better parents and take them more often.

The plan is to take full advantage of the cooler weather, we’re expected to get this weekend (;

Keep smiling,

July 19, 2012

Facts & Pictures of Pennsylvania <3.

Motto:  “Virtue, Liberty, and Independence”
Flower: Mountain Laurel
Tree: Eastern Hemlock
Song: “Pennsylvania”
Fossil: Phacops rana
Bird: Ruffed Grouse
Fish: Brook Trout
Dog: Great Dane
Beverage: Milk
Animal: White-tailed deer … we saw several!

Below are a few more pictures from our visit …

… gossip …

… <3. …

… the log keeper …

… I’m a duck lover (;

… truck retirement …

… I love my camera’s zoom! …

… see the birds? …

… state flag …

Keep smiling,

July 18, 2012

A Lovely State: PA <3.

I’m a west coast girl at heart, but I must say exploring the beautiful east coast, and everything it has to offer was unforgettable. After wrapping up business around 2 o’clock one day, we spent the remaining daylight cruising around the countryside … with the windows down (;

Below are some pics from our afternoon drive:

… an adorable little barn …

… not edible, but cute ruby berries …

… I kept angling, to get shots of the lake minus the houses. Right before we passed the last bit of homes, Brett said, “make sure to take a picture of the houses, so we can remember how lucky these people are!” – classic! All the neighbors were sitting down on their docks, soaking up the sunshine. Must be wonderful to live in your own little paradise <3.

… I could live here <3. …

We’re really lucky to have experienced Pennsylvania, it’s truly an amazing state!

Keep smiling,


July 5, 2012

Meet Shady

We named our little camper Shady (short for Shadow)

… lovely campsite on a humid morning …

… I may have slept in, and missed the good light, but this still made me smile …

… sunshine …

… sun sparkles …

… evening walks …

It was an eventful weekend of breaking in Dad & Pam-la’s new 5th wheel, a laundry list of random hiccups occurred … but at the end of the day we enjoyed yummy snacks and great company <3. I’m thankful for A/C, great movies, card games & my dad’s guardian angel!

We’re already planning our next adventure, and cant wait to put some fresh miles on our campers (:

Keep smiling,

Hope everyone took some extra days off to enjoy a long & lovely weekend <3.

June 27, 2012


On a previous post, I shared my delight in taking pictures of one of my dearest friends, Rachel and her son. We ventured to a local park one evening, and just walked around taking in the beauty.

… If the above were a painting I’d name it: “Mirror, Mirror” …

… this handsome fellow was such a flirt (;

I made an observation while strolling the park … The park goers were a cross between runners, getting in their exercise & older people feeding the ducks <3. The weather was perfect & it was just lovely – do people still go to the park or is that ancient entertainment? Do tell (:

Keep smiling,

June 26, 2012

Delicate Beauty.

…. are these drooping daisies or just under watered??

…. <3.  …

While searching through my bottomless handbag for my buried car keys – I noticed these frail cuties, out of the corner of my eye.

They were such a pop of pretty in a garden full of weeds …

Keep smiling,